Digital Signage Posting Guidelines

Submissions are reviewed by the Office of Communications & Marketing for style and appropriateness.

Submissions may be copyedited for spelling, grammar, and length. However, the individual making the submission is wholly responsible for its accuracy and completeness.

Announcements should be of interest to the entire Downstate community. Announcements that are strictly personal, religious, political, contain advertising, or are otherwise inappropriate will not be posted.

Posts Acceptable for Display

  • Scheduled Events – campus activities sponsored by Downstate faculty, staff, or student organizations only (with the possible exception of outside events jointly sponsored by SUNY Downstate).
  • General Interest – exercise classes and other programs open to Downstate members or the public.
  • Faculty, Student, and Staff Announcements – significant achievements or awards.
  • Congratulatory or Welcoming Statements – for special achievements or to welcome guests and special visitors to Downstate.
  • Administration, Academic, or Hospital notices.
  • Emergency Notifications – snow emergencies, class closings, fire, other safety notifications.
  • Medical Services* – new centers, clinics, equipment, etc.
    (* Jointly approved by Institutional Advancement, and University Physicians of Brooklyn; scheduling priority determined by UPB.)


  • Space permitting, professional-quality photographs, brochure art, or other graphic illustrations created by Biomedical Communications may be submitted. Owing to space limitations, the entire content of posters cannot be transferred to the screen.
  • Biomedical Communications can produce signage specifically designed for the digital monitors.
  • Short videos – 15 seconds in length and without sound – may be accepted.
  • Department-generated posters or fliers containing "clip art" will not be accepted.

Announcement Timeframe

Indicate date of event or time frame with beginning and end dates (if applicable). In general, announcements will not run longer than one week, unless there is ample room in the queue.

Announcements should be submitted at least one week prior to the date you want them posted; two weeks if you want them designed by Biomedical Communications.

Announcement Copy

Announcements need to be short. Present only key information that viewers can absorb quickly (similar to driving by a billboard on the road in a car going 55 miles an hour: How much will you see and remember?)