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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Department of Neurology

Current Residents

The SUNY Downstate Neurology Department has four class years of residents.  These four classes, within their defined graduation year, are shown below.

Adult Neurology


Sergio Angulo Castro

Sergio Angulo Castro, MD, PhD

Matthew Bloch

Matthew Bloch, MD

Zeinab Charmchi

Zeinab Charmchi, MD

Murray Choueka

Murray Choueka, MD

Mehrdad Emami

Mehrdad Emami, MD

Maliheh Mohamadpour

Maliheh Mohamadpour, MD

Jaehan Park

Jaehan Park, MD

Michela Rosso

Michela Rosso, MD

Karrah St. Laurent-Ariot

Karrah St. Laurent-Ariot, MD

Qing Wang

Qing Wang, MBBS

Erkam Zengin

Erkam Zengin, MD





Pediatric Neurology