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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Division of Renal Disease

Division of Renal Disease

Morning Report

Morning report with Dr. Eli A. Friedman, Distinguished Teaching Professor, is an exciting, energizing and brainstorming experience for our fellows, rotating residents and students on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11:00 AM.


Nephrology Fellowship Program

2010 Graduation Group

Renal Faculty and Fellows, May 2010 graduation.

Located in the geographic center of Brooklyn - New York City's largest borough - this university based teaching program aims to prepare both practitioners and investigators to enter the exciting and fast evolving field of kidney disease and its management. Brooklyn is the home of Walt Whitman, Thomas Wolf, Arthur Miller, Barbara Streisand, Danny Kaye, Jackie Robinson, Austin Flint, Jean Redman Oliver, Barry M. Brenner, the Brooklyn Dodgers, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Coney Island, Sheepshead Bay, and Peter Luger's Steak House - number one in the United States. Brooklyn scintillates with creative talent in the arts and sciences and has produced more medical department chairpersons than any other region of the country.

An unusual aspect of this program is the fellow's exposure to Federal [Brooklyn Veterans Administration Hospital (907 beds + 3 ICUs], State [University Hospital of Brooklyn (376 beds + 3 ICUs)], and municipal (City) [Kings County Hospital Center (600 beds + 5 ICUs)]. Program graduates now direct renal programs in Asia, South America, Europe, Africa, and throughout the United States.

A total of 18 nephrologists are directly involved in the nephrology training program. Additional basic science and clinical faculty participate in fellow instruction through collaborative research projects. Moro O. Salifu, MD, MBA, MPH, Professor of Medicine and Chief of Nephrology, serves as fellowship director to blend the multiple facets of rotations, training, investigation, and meeting attendance into an effective program.


Description of Training Program:

The First year focuses on clinical consultation and primary patient supervision with emphasis on ambulatory care, total patient supervision and interventional nephrology. The Second year includes four months of research and rotations through clinical and kidney transplant services. A Third year devoted to investigation is optional for select, highly motivated individuals having successfully completed the first 2 fellowship years. Emphasis is placed on preparing the fellow to present scientific information at national and international meetings as well as at on site research and grand rounds conferences.

Critical thinking, renal biopsy interpretation,and literature review are emphasized throughout the program.


Clinical Rotations:

Kings County Hospital

Kings County Hospital consultations
3 months

University Hospital

University Hospital consultations
2 months

Veterans Administration

Veterans Administration
6 months

Clinical Rotations for the two years are divided among the participating affiliate hospitals as shown below:

Kings County Hospital consultations

4 months

University Hospital consultation

2 months

Veterans Administration

5 months

Renal Transplantation

3 months

Research and Elective

6 months


3 months


1 month


24 months

Vacation time is taken during research & elective or ambulatory months.

Sample of Weekly Activities for Fellows (PDF) »


Outpatient Experiences:

  • Weekly to biweekly Clinic - 22 months




Dr. Moro O. Salifu
Chief, Division of Nephrology
Director, Nephrology Fellowship and Interventional Programs

Dr. Eli A. Friedman
Distinguished Teaching Professor of Medicine
Deputy Chair, Department of Medicine


SUNY-Health Science Center
450 Clarkson Avenue Box 52
Brooklyn, New York 11203
Phone: (718) 270-1584
FAX: (718) 270-3327

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