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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

New Media Services

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get official SUNY Downstate logos for my poster or PowerPoint presentation?

Yes. New Media Services has logos available for download.

Visit the Logos page »

Is there a Site Map for Downstate?


The Site map is located in the top menu of Downstate's menu bar and is called the A-Z Guide.

To send your site for review so it can be added to the A-Z Guide, please contact Aaron Cormier

Art & Photo

How can I schedule a photo shoot?

Photography jobs are scheduled at least a week in advance.

Please contact Marcos Lainez in our Photography Department at 718.270.7564

Call main department phone number 718.270.7550

Are we required to fill out releases for photo usage?


Any outside media must be scheduled and escorted by a member of the

Office of Communications and Marketing.

How can I convert my old slides or photos to digital images?

We are able to scan 35mm slides or photographs and burn them to a CD, DVD or copy to your flash drive.

The best slides to digitize are specimen or medical images, not text slides. Slides with text copy are best re-typed into the presentation application of your choice.

Main department phone number 718.270.7550

What about print production? I need a brochure for my department.


We design and produce brochures, annual reports and event posters.

Please contact our designer at 718.270.7553 or email

Main department phone number 718.270.7550

I need to create a poster for a conference. What do I do? What are your turn around times?

Poster Sessions can be made for you by our staff. Go to our Poster Sessions guidelines to get started.

Poster Session jobs are usually scheduled one to two weeks in advance.

Pre-Formatted files can often be done in less time. PowerPoint and PDF files are the most common formats accepted.

Please call the production manager at 718.270.7553 or email

Main department phone number 718.270.7550

 Are there templates for poster sessions that I can download

 Yes. Go to our poster sessions guidelines and select templates.

For further guidence lease contact Frank Fasano at 718.270.7553 or email

Main department phone number 718.270.7550

Does New Media Services still do Institutional Business Cards?


However DupliOnline is an approved state vendor that will accomodate Business Card production.

The guidelines and external service for letterhead, envelopes, business cards and memo pads are posted on Office of Communications and Marketing's Stationery webpage.


Do You do video production?


We have a production studio or we can do location work.

Please contact our Video Services team or 718.270.7573 or email

Main department phone number 718.270.7550

Is teleconferencing available?


Please contact Ustinov Luke @ or call  718.270.7573 for latest teleconference services 

Can I Have a DVD or video tape copied?


We can copy a number of tape formats and DVDs as long as it doesn't violate copyright law.

Please contact our Video Services team at 718.270.7570 or 718.270.7573 or email


How can I have my Department's website built?

Please contact our Web Developer at 718.270.7572 or email

Main department phone number 718.270.7550

How do I start a web site?

Web sites need content, and content for a web site is text as well as graphics and photographs.

The best way to start a web site is to collect and organize this content in a way that makes sense to you. You know your subject, so use that when getting ready to present it to the world in a web page.

To ask questions and get advice, contact our web developer, Aaron Cormier, at 718-270-7572 or email

I have organized my content, now what?

In order proceed with a web site, New Media Services will need a requisition with an active account number. Once the paperwork is in order, a beta site will be created as a way to proof and review the site as it grows.

For questions about billing, contact our department administrator, Lila Jones, at 718-270-7550 or email

How do I make changes to my site?

If you have been set up with our Content Management System, OMNIUPDATE, you can make edits yourself.

If you have no access to the site, then contact our web development team for more informatoin.

How do I make a homepage image Slide?

If you have been given permission to add a slide to website slide show, then please follow these specs:

All slider images are 800 px by 462 px
Please limit the text used in the slide.

Below are some examples of the sliders used for the homepage.

Version 1:

Slider Preview


Version 2:

Slider Template


Version 3:

Slider Preview


How it Displays:

Slider Image



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