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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Liaison Committee on Medical Education

LCME Self Study

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Over the past several months, Downstate has embarked upon a rigorous self study in preparation for an accreditation review by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). Five subcommittees composed of numerous faculty members, administrative staff, and medical students are actively engaged in this study. A Self-Study report will be generated and submitted to the LCME for review at the end of 2012 prior to a February 25-27, 2013 site visit by an ad hoc team of LCME surveyors.

What is the LCME?

The LCME is the agency for accreditation of educational programs culminating in the Doctor of Medicine degree, recognized by physician licensure boards of all US states and territories, the Canadian provinces, and the US Department of Education. The LCME is sponsored by the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). Downstate was last surveyed by the LCME in 2005 when it received a full accreditation for eight years.

What is the Self-Study Process?

Prior to our accreditation survey visit in 2013, the College of Medicine is undertaking a thorough institutional self-study that encompasses collection and review of data about our medical school, identification of strengths and concerns, and development of strategies to maintain strengths and address areas in need of improvement. In parallel, a group of medical students is conducting its own independent review which will become part of our final report. By engaging in this process, we intend not only to have a successful accreditation visit, but also to initiate and implement changes that will further strengthen our institution and medical education program.

The self-study is examining virtually all aspects of our institution that impact upon medical student education, covering five domains categorized by the LCME: (1) institutional setting, (2) education program for the MD degree, (3) medical students, (4) faculty, and (5) educational resources.

What is the LCME Self-Study Task Force?

This group, chaired by the Dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Ian Taylor, is composed of leaders of all major areas of the medical center as well as chairs and co-chairs of the sixteen Self-Study Task Force committees. The Task Force will meet periodically to review committee reports and data, consider areas in need of improvement, propose and review recommendations, and review the Student Report as well as the final Self-Study report. The Task Force is assisted by a Steering Committee, chaired by Dr. Richard Coico, Professor and Vice Dean for Scientific Affairs. This Steering Committee provides administrative oversight of the self-study process and is responsible for compiling the final report.

What role do medical students play in the accreditation process?

An independent analysis, conducted by students, is a critical element of the accreditation process. At Downstate, this analysis is being undertaken by a Medical Student Committee, co-chaired by Joseph Nobile, class of 2013, and John Odackal, class of 2015 and composed of student leaders in all four classes. This committee has constructed and distributed a questionnaire to their classmates in all four years of medical school. Their questions cover a wide range of topics, e.g. accessibility of deans and faculty members, curriculum, student support services and counseling, student health, and facilities. Once the questionnaires are returned, the Student Committee will analyze the results and submit its report to the Self-Study Task Force. The student report will be included in the materials sent to the LCME. The LCME Survey Team will also receive the results of the most recent AAMC Medical School Graduation Questionnaire.