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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Division of Infectious Diseases

Faculty & Staff


SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University / Kings County Hospital Center

Michael Augenbraun

Michael H. Augenbraun, MD
Division Chief & Program Director


photo of Marie Abdallah

Marie Abdallah, MD
Director of CFH
Associate Program Director
Kings County Hospital Center


photo of Kenneth Bromberg

Kenneth Bromberg, MD


photo of Jack DeHovitz

Jack A. DeHovitz, MD, MPH


photo of John DeLury

John DeLury, MD


photo of Iya Dubson

Iya Dubson, MD


photo of Matthew Gesner

Matthew Gesner, MD


photo of Margaret Hammerschlag

Margaret Hammerschlag, MD
Program Director, Pediatric Infectious Diseases


photo of Stephan Kohlhoff

Stephan Kohlhoff, MD
Chief, Pediatric Infectious Diseases


no photo of Paul Lam

Paul Lam, MD, MPH


photo of Sheldon H. Landesman

Sheldon H. Landesman, MD


Brooklyn Veteran's Administration Hospital