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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Institute of Continuous Learning

Annual Mandatory Exam

Welcome to the 2020 Annual Mandatory Exam.  Please read the following as there have been some changes made to the AME, and to ensure you receive credit for taking the correct exam.

Please note: certain versions of Firefox do not display the AME presentation properly. If you are unable to procede to the Post Test, please try again using a different browser such as Internet Explorer

Step 1 - Determine which exam you should take.

  • If you are a licensed professional such as an RN, NP, MD, PA, OT, or PT, you will take the LICENSED PROFESSIONAL AME.
    ** Students of the aforementioned professions, should also take this version of the AME **

  • If you are an assistive professional such as an NA, HCA, EMT/Paramedic, Dialysis tech, X-ray tech, EKG tech, Surgical tech, Radiology tech, Social Worker or Dietitian, or do not fit in the criteria, you will take the GENERAL AME.


Step 2 - Review the AME presentation.

Step 3 - Complete the AME Post Test

Step 4 - Upon successful completion of the AME Post Test, you will have the option of printing out your AME Certificate for your records.

If you are unsure as to which exam you should take, please contact us at 718-270-2983