Dynamic Postural Exercises for
the Road

Does it feel as though you spend half your life sitting in a car? Between getting to work, chauffeuring the kids and running errands, you may sometimes feel that the car seat has become part of your anatomy. You may find that changing your seat position or adding cushions increases your comfort level, but that may not last. Now, thanks to Teresa Miller, PT, MS of the SUNY Downstate Physical Therapy Program, you can add some dynamic postural exercises to help get rid of that “bogged-down” feeling. These exercises can be done safely when there are few cars around, or in bumper-to-bumper delays, or when you are stopped at traffic lights.

When doing these exercises remember to assess your comfort level before and after each exercise–by turning your neck, raising your shoulders to your ears, curling your upper body forward into a C and then arching back, and rolling forward and back on your sit-bones. Make slow, small, gentle movements that feel easy, and return to your initial position after each motion. Also, remember to breathe–and always keep your eyes on the road! For best results, each exercise should be repeated about 25 times.
Performing the Exercises

• Press different segments of your spinal column   towards the seat.
• Move different segments of your spine away
  from the seat.
• Combine each of these with rolling forward and   backward on your sit-bones at the same time.
• Move one shoulder back towards the seat.
• Move the same hip backwards.
• Press the hip and shoulder backwards together.
• Now try moving them in opposite directions.
• Roll forward on your sit-bones until you are at
  your tallest position and:
• Turn your head to one side while bringing the
  same shoulder back.
• Turn your head to one side while turning the   opposite shoulder back.
• Try moving your head, shoulder and pelvis in the   same direction and then try variations in
opposite directions.


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