A Soul Sense of Beauty Breast Cancer Control Project
Stacy Wright, Program Director

Call to find out about Health and Beauty Saturdays that feature health educators on breast health and breast self-exam demonstrations at local hair salons. Also, sites for mammography screenings, referrals and follow-up care. Sponsored by the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health.

Adolescent Education Program (AEP)
Christine Rucker, MA, Director, AEP

Education on HIV prevention, teen pregnancy, and substance abuse. Teens Helping Each Other (THEO), the program’s peer education project, educates adolescents about HIV-related issues utilizing games, short skits, songs/raps, plays and videos to facilitate discussions.

Adolescent Health Clinic
Amy Suss, MD, Director

Individual counseling for adolescents on contraceptive, STD’s, and other important health issues. Located in Suite D of the University Hospital of Brooklyn, Tuesday mornings. By appointment only.

Asthma Screening Clinic
Michael Akerman, MD, Program Director

This free clinic screens adults with respiratory problems or frequent colds and coughs who have not previously been diagnosed with asthma. Every Tuesday from 3-6 p.m., by appointment only.

Black Pearls
Marilyn White, MD, Program Director

Find out life-saving information about heart disease, organ and tissue donation, asthma, breast cancer, and sexually transmitted diseases at local beauty salons. Sponsored by the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health.

Breast Feeding Project
Stephen Ajl, MD, Director

Help give your baby a healthy start! Free weekly breast feeding class for all new mothers who are patients of University Hospital of Brooklyn.

Children’s Center at SUNY Brooklyn

A child care center open to State Employees, students and residents of the area surrounding Downstate on a space-available basis only. Sliding-scale fee. Located at 440 Lenox Rd.

Community Health Promotion

Free monthly lectures. May - Uterine Cancer. Call for complete topic listing and location.

Expectant Family Education Program
Maria Yomtov, RN, Educator
718-270-2020 (for information) -2983 (to register)

For pregnant women and families. Childbirth classes on infant care, depression, contraception. Four sessions. Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Healthy Women’s Partnership
Diane Ashton, MD, Program Director

Free mammograms and cervical screening for women who do not have medical insurance. Must be over 40 years old or have family history of breast cancer. Wed./Thurs. 8:30 - 12:30 and some Saturdays. Call for appointment.

Hearing and Speech Screening

Free hearing & speech screening at Long Island College Hospital, located at 97 Amity St. (between Henry & Hicks) 5th floor, room 559. May 17 & June 14 from 9 a.m.-12 noon.

The Infant and Child Learning Center
Joan Hittelman, PhD, Program Director

Early intervention and preschool services for HIV-infected children. The center’s psychologists, therapists, teachers, social workers, services coordinators and nurses provide numerous services through center-based, daycare, home-based, and hospital-based programs.

Oncology Support Group for Patients and Families
Yolande Gilles, RN, Coordinator

An open support group for patients with a diagnosis of cancer, and family members. This group meets Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. at the Radiation Oncology Conference Room at University Hospital of Brooklyn.

Optimizing Partner Notification Strategies (OPNS)
Joy Williams, MPH, Program Director

The mission of OPNS is to implement and evaluate an STD and HIV prevention program at several clinics throughout Brooklyn, NY. Our health educators work at hospital and community- based clinics to provide health education to persons seeking care for STD, with a focus on promoting timely and appropriate notification to sexual partners.

Osteoporosis Diagnostic Center

For early detection and prevention of osteoporosis. X-ray, interpretation of bone-density results, suggestions for dietary changes and treatment alternatives provided. Call for Appointment.

Pain Management Center
Joshua Greenspan, MD, Director

An interventional outpatient pain management program utilizing various physical treatment procedures; also provides referrals for psychological interventions such as relaxation training, hypnosis, behavior modification and individual therapy.

Parenting Education Support Groups
Laurel Whitaker, Program Director

Succeed in your new parenting role. Attend a series of six-to-eight hands-on workshops for parents and babies, about postpartum adjustment, stress reduction, infant nutrition, infant massage, child development, child safety, and accident prevention. Call to register. No charge.

Patient Relations
Edison Bond, Jr., Director

Call this department for information on your patient rights. They will assist SUNY Downstate patients and families in navigating the health-care system and in preparing proxies. Located on the first floor of University Hospital of Brooklyn.

Physician Referral Line

Call this number for a referral to a Downstate physician in any medical area.

Polydrug Clinic
Jerry Halloran, Program Director

This is an outpatient, drug-free chemical dependency treatment program, affiliated with Kings County Hospital. The clinic offers a variety of individual, group and medical services, including relapse prevention, vocational development, HIV education and testing, and acupuncture.

Preventive Cardiology Screening Clinic
Luther Clark, MD, Program Director

Assess your cardiovascular risk. Receive educational material and instructions on prevention, diet, and life-style changes to promote heart health. Free screenings available every Wednesday, from 11-4 p.m., and do not require an appointment.

STAR Health Center
David Warren, MD, Medical Director

Clinical care and supportive services for HIV positive adults. On-site co-located HIV and gynecologic care, social work/case management, nutritional counseling, medication adherence counseling, mental health care and substance use treatment.

Supportive Counseling Services of SUNY (SCSS)
Myra Schultz, MS, CSW-R, Director

Support groups for adults infected and affected by HIV. Bimonthly educational seminars and individual and family counseling for group members on a short-term basis. SCSS also provides supportive counseling services, including art and recreation therapy, to children and adolescents affected by HIV.

Women and Infants Transmission Study (WITS)
Gail Moroso, RN, MPH, Study Coordinator

This perinatal HIV transmission study enrolls HIV positive pregnant women, follows them through pregnancy, delivery and for a limited period, postpartum, to determine how pregnancy affects transmission. Study participants are offered ongoing counseling, periodic examinations and referral services for mothers and primary pediatric care, neuro-developmental testing and referral services for the infants.

Women's Interagency HIV Study (WIHS)
Barbara Driscoll, RN, Study Coordinator

The Women's Interagency HIV Study is a national multi-center study following HIV positive women and a comparison group of HIV negative women to learn about the gynecological manifestations and natural history of HIV disease in women.
Office of Institutional Advancement

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