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COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Providing our community with evidence-based information that will enable you to make an informed decision about taking the COVID-19 vaccine. To find a COVID-19 Vaccine Location near you in New York City, please click HERE.

Community Conversations on COVID-19 Vaccines

Dr. Wayne Riley PSA

Dr. Sophia Tribie PSA (Haitian Creole)

Dr. Samuel Marquez PSA (Spanish)

Dr. Christina Guillen PSA (Spanish)

Dr. Ariel Monserrate PSA (Sign Language)

Dr. Lin Wang, IT Director PSA (Mandarin)

COVID PSA (Cantonese) Karl Wang

Jogy Mathew, IT Manager PSA (Hindi)

Rabbi Holzman PSA (Hebrew)

Rabbi Holzman PSA (Yiddish)

Ahmad Saleh, Medical Student PSA (Arabic)

Ruth O'Donnell, Assistant Director of Nursing PSA (Tagalog) 

Dr. Charles Brunicardi PSA

Dr. Lori Escallier PSA

Dr. Teresa Smith PSA

Dr. Montgomery Douglas PSA

Khari Guitan, AV Manager PSA