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SUNY Downstate and the Covid-19 Vaccine

First Covid-19 Vaccine Administration

Staff at Downstate talk about the COVID-19 Vaccine

person getting vaccinated

SUNY Chancellor Vaccination Visit

COVID-19 Vaccine Info



On December 15th, 2020, our staff began administering the COVID-19 Vaccine to our frontline staff and leadership at Downstate. This is a very historic time for our country, as we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic.

2 people in masks



Please see a news clip from NEWS 12 below of our staff receiving the vaccine at Downstate. In the clip, you will see our staff putting up the ‘Peace Sign’, where the ‘V’ stands for Victory or Vaccine.

person getting vaccinated


Other News

Crain’s Health Pulse NY also published a story that discusses staff inoculations at hospitals across the city and Downstate is mentioned. You can view that story here. In addition, photos of this historic milestone can be viewed below. 


Thank you to all who work so hard as we continue to push through the pandemic.


  • Vaccine In Deep Freeze In Pharmacy
  • President Riley With Covid Vaccine Staff
  • 1st Downstate Covid Vaccine Recipient Alain Lissard
  • President Riley with 1st Downstate Covid Vaccine Recipient Alain Lissard
  • Prepping 1st Dose
  • Alain Lissard 1st Vaccine Recipient
  • 1st Downstate Physician Receiving Covid Vaccine
  • 1st Downstate Physician To Receive Covid Vaccine
  • Applauding Front-line Worker
  • Front-line Worker
  • Front-Line Worker Receives Covid Vaccine
  • Applauding Front Line Worker-2
  • V For Vaccine And Victory
  • Dr. Berger Prepping For Vaccine
  • President Riley Prepping For Vaccine
  • Drs. Berger, Riley, Brunicardi, and Ms. Winston Prepping For Vaccine
  • Dr. Berger Gets The Vaccine
  • President Riley Receives Covid Vaccine
  • President Riley Thumbs-Up For Vaccine
  • President Riley Signs V For Vaccine And Victory
  • Dr. Brunicardi Receives Covid Vaccine
  • Ms. Winston Receives Covid Vaccine
  • Ms. Winston Gives V For Vaccine
  • Pat Roblin From Emergency Medicine Receives Covid Vaccine
  • Dr. Foronjy Receives Covid  Vaccine