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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

The School of Graduate Studies

Main Areas of Interest:

Regulation of Gene Expression and Protein Dynamics

Transcription and Chromatin Structure

Christopher A. J. Roman


Christopher Hellen, Tatyana Pestova, Don Mills


Miriam H. Feuerman

Protein Dynamics

Julie Rushbrook, Robert Carty , William Chirico

The Cardiovascular System

Lipid metabolism

M. Mahmood Hussain, Xiang-Chen Jiang, Burton Altura

Molecular Biology and Biomechanics of cardiovascular development

William Chirico, Brahim Chaqour, M.A.Q. Siddiqui, Michael Wagner

Ion pumps and channels; role of ions in cardiovascular disease

Burton Altura, Mohamed Boutjdir, Gregory Gick

Blood cells and cardiovascular inflammation/disease

Jonathan Marmur

The Immune Response

Antigen Receptor Gene Diversification

Ellen Hsu

Lymphocyte development and the adaptive immune response

Christopher A. J. Roman

Innate immunity

Maja Nowakowski, Allen J. Norin


Eva Cramer, Maja Nowakowski, Peter J. Bergold

Allergy and Asthma

Helen G. Durkin, Maja Nowakowski


Foroozan Mokhtarian, Edward V. Quadros, Ming Zhang, Christopher A. J. Roman, Allen J. Norin


Helen G. Durkin, Mark Stewart, Foroozan Mokhtarian

Leukemia and Lymphoma

Olcay Batuman

Viruses and other Infectious Disease agents

Christopher U. Hellen, Steven M. Carleton

Transplant Immunology and Immunogenetics

Allen J. Norin, Edward Quadros

Cancer Biology

Functions of oncogenes and tumor suppressors

Stacy Blain, Josef Michl, Matthew Pincus, Christopher A. J. Roman

Immune surveillance and tumor immunity

Allen J. Norin

Biomarkers, detection, therapeutic targets, and treatments

Edward Quadros, Henri Tiedge, Josef Michl, Matthew R. Pincus, Randall Barbour

Angiogenic factors in tumor growth

William Chirico, Olcay Batuman

DNA dynamics, mutation, and repair

Christopher S. Lange

Metabolic Organ System Development and Disease

Pancreas, diabetes, and obesity

Gladys N. Teitelman, John G, Kral, Josef Michl

Liver development and disease

Miriam H. Feuerman


Molecular Biology of the Neuromuscular System and the Brain

Pain, anxiety, epilepsy

Alan R. Gintzler, Sheryl S. Smith

Regulation of gene expression in muscle and neurons

Henri Tiedge, Julie I. Rushbrook

Learning and Memory

Todd C. Sacktor, Henri Tiedge

Neurogenesis and Development of the visual system

Frank R. Scalia

Stroke and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Peter J. Bergold