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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Office of Graduate Medical Education

Appointment Requirements

It is SUNY-Downstate Medical Center's policy, in compliance with the regulations of the New York State Health Codes (Part 405.4) that all residents accepted into SUNY Downstate programs must provide credentialing documentation prior to their appointment as house staff physicians.

Each year all new residents undergo a credentialing appointment process beginning in March and concluding at the end of June. All incoming residents, regardless of pay source, are also required to attend a two-day mandatory orientation. Those who are unable to attend the credentialing appointment process must contact the GME Office at (718) 270-4221.

Originals are required and must be presented for the following documents:

  1. Original Medical School Diploma, must be in English or accompanied by certified U.S. translation*.
  2. Original Official/ Medical School Transcripts, must be in English or accompanied by certified U.S. translation*.
  3. Original Proof of citizenship or legal employment status (passport, birth certificate, naturalization papers, alien registration card, H1, J-1 Visa with DS 2019..etc.).
  4. Original ECFMG Certificate (or Fifth Pathway Diploma) for all International Medical School Graduates; must be current and valid.
  5. Original New York State Medical Limited Permit/License, if applicable - REQUIRED FOR ALL NON-ACCREDITED FELLOWSHIP, DENTAL & CHIEF RESIDENTS (a wavier request may be submitted six (6) months prior by the program director for the Chief Resident.) Waivers will not be granted for financial hardship.
  6. Original Social Security Card.


Any documents not printed in English must be accompanied by an acceptable, original U.S. translation, performed by a qualified translator, which includes all written and printed material on the original translation; if performed by the applicant will be accepted only if a qualified translator verifies it.

Each translation must be accompanied by an Affidavit of Accuracy, in which the translator who performed or verified the translations affirms, having read the completed translation, that the entire document has been translated, that nothing has been omitted, and that the translation is true and correct.

An original translation can be returned to the applicant only if a photocopy of the entire translation, including the Affidavit of Accuracy is submitted. Translation and qualifications of translators are reviewed on an individual basis. Examples of qualified translators are: An Officer or employee of an official translation bureau or agency, which are usually listed in classified telephone directories.

A Professor or instructor who is teaching the translated language in an accredited college or university in the United States. The type of course being taught must be included in the Affidavit of Accuracy, which must be notarized and on official school stationery.

Checklist for Resident/Fellows Credentialing File*

Verify that all required documentation is submitted by referring to your on-boarding checklists in New Innovations. Incomplete applications will result in delays.

  • Original Medical School Diploma (with Original U.S. certified translation, if applicable).
  • Original Medical School Transcript (with Original U.S. certified translation, if applicable).
  • Original Proof of citizenship or legal employment status.
  • Original ECFMG Certificate/Fifth Pathway (If Applicable).
  • Original NYS Medical License/Limited Permit (If Applicable).
  • Original Social Security Card.
  • Residency Application and Forms (part of the New Innovations On-boarding checklist).
  • SUH Agreement (will be given at credentialing appointment).
  • EHS Physical Clearance (To be done at Pay Source, including Drug Screening).
  • Release Statement & Questionnaire (part of the New Innovations On-boarding checklist).
  • Deans Letter (Must be signed with Original U.S. certified translation, if application).
  • Two Reference Letters (Must be on letterhead, signed and dated within the year, with Original U.S. certified translation, if applicable).
  • Prior U.S. Training (If Applicable).
  • USMLE Steps 1 & 2, 3 (as applicable, Step 3 required for anyone being appointed at or above the PGY3 level).
  • ACLS, BCLS, ATLS and PALS (where Applicable).
  • New York State Health Commerce System Account
  • National Provider Identification (NPI) number
  • List of privileges/procedures completed in current program (for all PGY 2 and higher).
  • Mandatory Orientation & Pre-employment, Background Check & Drug Screening (Must be done at least two weeks before start date).

* The above items must be on file in the GME Office before July 1.