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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Office of Graduate Medical Education

GME Subcommittees


Chairperson – Lisa Dresner, MD

  • Review program change requests
  • Approve Program Director appointments
  • Review new program applications, program reductions and closures
  • Propose new or changes to GME policies
  • Review, monitor and assess responses to IRC and RRC citations and concerns
  • Address results of focused and special reviews and ACGME Resident Surveys
  • Address issues regarding GME support
  • Provide oversight and monitoring of clinical learning environment re: resident/fellow supervision and involvement with patient safety and quality of care activities
  • Approve and monitor innovative practices and deviations from detailed processes

Program Monitoring

ChairpersonTeresa Smith, MD

  • Oversee focused program GMEC special review processes
  • Review focused program and special review report citations
  • Monitor program response to focused and special review citations
  • Monitor Institutional Resident amd Faculty Program Evaluation Surveys
  • Monitor ACGME Annual Resident and Faculty Surveys
  • Ensure each program has a Program Evaluation Committee with resident/fellow participation
  • Ensure each program has a Clinical Competency Committee
  • Monitor and assess program performance indicators
  • Review and assess annual program evaluation reports


Chairperson – Jason Lazar, MD

  • Facilitate research activities in GME programs
  • Coordinate exchange of information regarding collaborative opportunities
  • Assist with and promote acquisition of resources regarding resident research
  • Track research productivity in GME settings
  • Monitor and implement GME policies in support of research
  • Provide guidance and support to develop mentoring in research


Co-Chairs Sabrina Ali, MD, ResidentPiali Samanta, MD, Resident

  • Provide mechanism for residents to raise concerns regarding GME programs
  • Serve as a liaison between residents throughout GME programs in the GME office/committee
  • Advocate on behalf of residents
  • Designate residents to serve on institutional committees (SUNY and KCHC)
  • Provide representation for residents on the GMEC
  • Advise institutional leadership of resident perspective in GME issues, institutional issues, educational issues, clinical issues, program development



Co-Chairs TBD

  • Develop and coordinate faculty development programs including affiliates
  • Chief resident educational retreats
  • Program director retreats
  • Programs for fulfilling compliance with training and evaluation of core competencies
  • Coordinate with pre-GME student education to address continuum of medical education
  • Institutional education programs to comply with ACGME standards and expectations (e.g. stress/fatigue/impairment, ethics, duty hours, research methodology, cultural awareness, performance improvement, self-directed learning, evidence-based medicine, teaching skills, etc.)
  • Investigate and recommend new modalities/technologies for augmenting GME

Resident Affairs

Chairperson – Jonathan Perk, MD

  • Monitor and recommend action regarding resident working conditions including safety, call facilities, ancillary services
  • Provide monitoring, oversight and recommendations for action for aspects of the clinical learning environment including duty hours compliance, transitions in patient care, patient hand-offs, resident fatigue and fitness for duty, professionalism and honesty
  • Monitor and recommend action regarding imbalance between education and service and adequacy of resources in the clinical learning environment
  • Address resident complaints/grievances
  • Assure residents with due process
  • Assure residents have the opportunity and vehicles to raise concerns without fear of retaliation or retribution
  • Investigate or coordinate appropriate referrals for alleged violations of workplace policies such as unprofessional behavior, sexual harassment, substance abuse, disruptive or violent behavior and resident maltreatment.


Participating Sites Review

Chairperson Nira Goldstein, MD

  • Provide oversight of resident/fellow assignments to, and the quality of the learning and working environment, at all participating sites
  • Assure that residents/fellows are only assigned to learning and working environments that facilitate patient safety and health care quality through review of patient safety and quality of care metrics and reporting data
  • Make recommendations to the Executive Committee and/or GMEC and individual programs regarding additions or deletions of participating sites based on learning and working environment patient safety and quality of care data

Resident/Fellow Wellness

Co-Chairs  Rhonda Osborne, MD & Christina Guillen, MD

  • Provide a structured, well defined Wellness curriculum for the university
  • Provide a set of policies and procedures for the entire resident/fellow body that can be shared across disciplines
  • Routine acquisition of survey data to clarify the specific needs of our trainees
  • Increase trainee use of the Employee Assistance Program