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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Pancreaticobiliary Disease

The Pancreaticobiliary Center is dedicated to the comprehensive assessment and treatment of patients with acute and chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, bile duct cancers, sphincter of Oddi dysfunction (SOD), and other disorders of the biliary tract and pancreas.

Coordinated patient care, with physicians from a variety of disciplines, means comprehensive care is received in one central location. Doctors work together to develop a unified, individualized treatment plan.

Our physicians use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and the most advanced techniques to offer our patients the best care possible.

Testing and Treatment Include:

  • ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography), which allows the physician to visualize the biliary and pancreatic ducts where immediate diagnosis and treatment can take place
  • Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS), which uses sound waves to produce images of the pancreas and surrounding areas, is more effective than a CT scan in diagnosing and staging cancer. It is also used in screening for pancreatic lesions and cancer in high risk groups.
  • EUS-guided fine-needle aspiration of pancreatic cysts and tumors and EUS-guided celiac block for chronic abdominal pain
  • Pancreatic and biliary sphincterotomy and stenting
  • Balloon dilation and stenting of post liver transplantation biliary strictures
  • Mechanical and electrohydraulic lithotripsy
  • Endoscopic necrosectomy
  • EMR (endoscopic mucosal resection) of superficial esophageal, gastric or intestinal cancer
  • Sphincter of Oddi (SOD) manometry
  • Specialized radiological imaging for examining the pancreas, including Placement of enteral metal stents for palliation of obstructions due to cancer to improve the patient's quality of life


The Digestive Disease Center is one of the few centers in New York where advanced surgical procedures such as pancreatic surgery are performed.

We specialize in pancreaticoduodenectomy (the Whipple procedure) and distal pancreatectomy for benign and malignant disease. Our surgeons also perform laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy, along with spleen-sparing surgery.

Additional Resources

  • Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is nationwide network of people dedicated to working together to advance research, support patients and create hope for those affected by pancreatic cancer.