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FSA Business Office
Phone: 718-270-3187
Fax: 718-270-3845
MailStop: 1219
Location: Student Center
450 Clarkson Avenue
Rm 2-09
Hours: M-F 9am to 5pm, except holidays
Email: FSA Business Office Team eMail

324 Winthrop St Parking Lot (between Parkside and Winthrop)

The campus continues planning for the necessary E. 34th St State Garage Closure on 5/27/19 and will distribute information via Centerwide Announcement eMails. As those plans evolve,  corresponding changes to the 324 Winthrop St parking lot will be made. 

Car entrance: 324 Winthrop St. between New York Avenue and Nostrand Avenue

Pedestrians can access the lot from Winthrop Street or Parkside Avenue

Lot is Open Monday to Friday 5am to 10pm, except holidays

This lot is owned by the HSCB Foundation, Inc. (HSCBF) but some on campus still refer to it with it's former name - the "Beneficial Fund" Parking Lot. The DMC Parking Office oversees lot operations and FSA administers its financial related matters, including selling of parking decals.

Google Map view of parking lot

Questions? Contact the FSA Business Office Team (link) at Ext. 718-270-3187.

Monthly Parking Decals and Weekly Passes are sold at the University Bookstore (Student Center, 394 Lenox Rd, Room 2-24).

  • MONTHLY Parking decals: $30. for 1-month. Decals are available to all Downstate students, faculty and staff who enter their names on the parking waiting list at the FSA Business Office. A person must be a DMC ID card holder and physically come to the office and show their ID card to add their name and contact information to the waiting list. When a monthly parking decal owner leaves DMC ( becomes vacant), the next person on the waiting list is notified. The waiting list time frame varies upon season, but typically is near 36 months. Decal renewals are sold 3 working days prior to the 15th of each month. Monthly decal expiration dates change dependent upon status of DMC overall parking plan.
  • WEEKLY booklets of 5 DAILY parking passes: $20. Daily pass expiration dates do change dependent upon DMC overall parking plan. Each week, a total near 100 weekly booklets are sold on Wednesday's starting at 8am on a first come, first served basis, and normally are sold out that morning.
  • No refunds are provided for unused parking decals or passes.

Other potential parking resources for you to explore, include:

ALL options below are independent from the above HSCBF Foundation lot. FSA and HSCBF have no responsibility for the following parking resources and provides this information only as a courtesy:


  1. DMC University Police's Parking Office also oversees parking facilities at the State Garage at 135 E34th St that is planned to close on 5/27/19, as well as the 225 Clarkson Avenue lot, and the 323 Clarkson Avenue garage. Phone 718-270-3163. Webpage:
  2. A Valet Service is available 6am to 6pm at the main entrance of University Hospital at 445 Lenox Rd Brooklyn NY 11203 for $10.00 / day.
  3. ESP Parking Lot (independent and privately owned) at 354 Clarkson Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11226. phone: 718-469-7672. Email: and Website:
  4. Kings County Hospital Parking Garage at 581 Clarkson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203.  Tel # 718-245-5337. webpage:
    1. A special Night Time rate for SUNY Downstate employees at a flat rate $7.00 evening special for customers that enter after 9pm and exit by 8:30am. However, if entering prior to 9pm or leaving after 8:30am, even by a minute, the regular parking rates apply


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