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University Bookstore
Phone: 718-270-2486
Fax: 718-270-4598
MailStop: 109
Location: Student Center, 394 Lenox Rd, Main Floor, Rm 2-24
Hours: Mon - Fri.
9am - 5pm,

University Bookstore

The only medical bookstore dedicated solely to serving students and professionals in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and lower Manhattan!

Conveniently located in the SUNY Downstate Student Center, 394 Lenox Rd, with evening hours until 6pm on Mondays and Thurs.

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Top 10 Reasons why our University Bookstore is YOUR BEST place to shop

  1. Add in all the extra’s (shipping, taxes, etc..) charged by online retailers and other medical bookstores and you’ll agree with surveys taken - that on average we are 5% to 7% cheaper than other medical bookstores and on-line retailers.
  2. Save on New textbooks- ALL textbooks are discounted by 4% from the publisher’s suggested retail price.
  3. Save more: Buy a Used Book (when available), or buy New then Sell Back under the BUYBACK PROGRAM at end of the course-most often the greatest savings/ value!
  4. Save on Sales Tax: No 8.875% NYC Sales Tax on required textbooks.
  5. Loyalty Rewards. For every $250.00 spent on books, you’ll get a $5. Bookstore Gift Card for your future purchases.
  6. Friendly and convenient RETURN POLICY and Payment Methods: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Cash and Checks. Parents can even open a Bookstore Charge account for one less hassle for the student!
  7. Convenient Store Hours: We’re right here on campus with evening hours on Mondays & Thursdays.
  8. Shopping convenience available by telephone or eMail on many items for distant relatives and friends too! Just call or e-mail us:
  9. Special orders: Gladly taken at no additional charge; often available next business day.
  10. Support Your Campus! We are owned & operated by the campus Faculty Student Association; any/ all net proceeds are reinvested in THIS campus!


We also accept Cash Payments for MONTHLY parkers 

All MONTHLY parkers at all Parking lots MUST establish their online Customer Parking Portal account. MONTHLY Parkers who chose to not make online eCheck or credit payments, can make CASH payments at the Bookstore. More detail: MONTHLY Parking Webpage (link)

BuyBack Program for Textbooks

We buy back unwanted textbooks for cash at anytime. The University Bookstore offers a very fair market value which can be up to 40% of publisher list price. Textbooks must be a current edition in good physical condition. Publishers with planned new edition being released does factor into the buyback price. The best value (lowest net cost) option for students is often to purchase a textbook then sell back after the course... Our DMC course booklists shows the net student cost calculations. 

FSA Bookstore's Green Initiatives

think green logo

  • Available NOW - 'Go Green Forever' Stamps! Make a positive impact on the environment while savings on future USPS (United States Postal Service) rate increases! These stamps will be valid even when USPS postal rates increase. (more detail)
  • Purchase a 16oz DOWNSTATE 150th Anniv TRAVEL MUG ... Reduces Paper Cup Waste and You save when using it at Sodexho Cafeteria: Pay the price of a small beverage (Coffee, Tea or Soda) when using this 16oz MUG.
  • We sell only RECYCLED Paper (by ream).* We buyback your used textbooks so they can be recycled to other students at less than new textbook costs.
  • We are increasing the volume of USED TEXTBOOKS (as available) to provide more savings.