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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Facilities Management & Development

BSB Electrical Switchgear Replacement

14490 - State University Construction Fund Managed


This project is the replacement of building wide electrical service switchgear in the sub-basement of Basic Science Building.

Where are we today:

Electrical Contractor technicians are removing old and installing new equipment located in the BSB. This project is in the planning stages for future electrical power shutdowns that will be arranged well in advance.

Project Goals:

  • Replace main electrical switchboards that serve BSB, in the basement.
  • Connect to power coming from PHAB in sub-basement and basement.
  • Decommission and remove existing transformers in areaways in front of BSB.
  • Connect to new emergency generator on 8th floor.
  • Nearly every space in BSB will experience two 6-hour power outages after normal work hours. Will affect lighting and equipment.
  • Outages will be pre-planned and weeks of advance notice will be provided, coordinated by the Campus Project Manager.
  • DCM, data center, supercomputer and equipment throughout BSB that is plugged into emergency power will not experience outages.
  • Electrical shutdowns will impact 1/5 of a floor at a time, as it is 5 phases.
  • Alternative power solutions have limited capacity so only for essential equipment .
BSB Electrical Switch Gear, Provide additional power.
Designer is performing survey to support the planned phasing and impact mitigation for Campus users. The Construction Project is currently scheduled for advertisement August 25, 2016 with a Bid opening date of September 22, 2016.
Design Consultant:
Project cost:
$7.3 million
Design start:
July 2014
Construction start:
September 2016
Construction finish:
October 2018
Campus Project Manager:
Michael Levinton
t: 718-270-1214