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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Facilities Management & Development

Campus Boiler Plant Replacement

14B17 - State University Construction Fund Managed


This project is the replacement of the original steam boilers that provides steam to the Basic Science Building, Health Science Education Building, Student Center, Dorms and Hospital. It is a complex phased project in order to maintain continuous service to the buildings and involves building a temporary boiler plant in the Grove.

Where are we today:

Contractor is currently working along the Hospital's Receiving Ramp completing shoring of the excavated soil. The Contractor prepares for concrete work to begin shortly within the areaway. The Contractor has concluded the testing of the Temporary Boilers located in the Grove to allow work to proceed with removing the existing Steam Plants' old boiler equipment.

Project Goals:

  • Construct temporary boiler plant in the Grove
  • Create construction access to boiler plant between Library and driveway to loading docks
  • Install new boilers and equipment in boiler plant
  • Install new oil tanks between Lennox and HSEB
  • Repair boiler chimney on BSB roof
  • Boilers will be taken out of service for replacement
  • Temporary boilers will be provided for service continuity
  • Deliveries of large equipment by crane on weekends
  • Noisy construction of access to boiler plant between Library and driveway to loading docks will be done off hours
  • Construction material deliveries will be done off hours and coordinated with DMC
  • Material staging area will be located in the street
Boiler Replacement Project
The Bid opening is scheduled for August 3, 2016
Design Consultant:
RMF Engineering
Project cost:
$46.5 million
Design start:
November 2013
Construction start:
August 2016
Construction finish:
September 2019
Campus Project Manager:
Onyekachi Akoma
t: 718-270-8307
m: 347-853-2969