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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Finance Division

Budget, Planning and Reporting

The Office of IFR Management & Budget Administration is responsible for the following offices:

Budget Administration

This office is responsible for the financial planning and analysis of Downstate's resources. It manages the budget process for the various funding sources such as State Purpose, Hospital, Dormitory, Endowment and IFR's, and participates in the operations and investment planning of the HSCB Foundation, Inc. and Downstate Technology Center, Inc. The office generates reports on fiscal conditions, provides revenue projections, monitors the collection of revenue, and manages the distribution of departmental funding. It also approves all transactions requiring the use of centerwide funds, processes Graduate Research Initiative funding requests, and reviews all academic and administration personnel transactions for fiscal appropriateness.


Thomas Gray
Vice President for Finance and CFO
(718) 613-8590
BSB 1-62

Budget Office
BSB 1-24,
(718) 270-1116

Franci Scharf
Assistant Director
(718) 270-3045