photo of Judith LaRosa

Judith H. LaRosa, PhD, RN

Distinguished Service Professor
Department of Health Policy and Management

Academic Qualifications:
  • MNEd in Psychiatric Nursing, University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing
  • PhD in Health Education: University of Maryland, College Park
  • Cultural Competency; Women’s Health; Cardiovascular Disease
Background and Expertise:

Dr. LaRosa: Distinguished Service Professor, SUNY Downstate School of Public Health, Board member of Kings Against Violence Initiative (KAVI), Co-author of the 8th edition of the textbook New Dimensions in Women’s Health, 2020. Dr. LaRosa has served in many capacities during her career. She was a Group Therapist in the treatment of adolescent heroin addicts and a Research Assistant in studies of chemical dependency at the George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C. Dr. LaRosa then served at the National Institutes of Health’s National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) as the first Coordinator of the NHLBI Workplace Initiative in CVD Risk Factor Reduction. In 1990, she was appointed as the designer and first Coordinator of the National Heart Attack Alert Program -- a national education program to reduce time to treatment at the first signs of a heart attack. From the NHLBI, Dr. LaRosa moved to become the first Deputy Director of the Office of Research on Women's Health, National Institutes of Health (NIH). She is a co-author of the legislatively mandated 1994 NIH Guidelines on the Inclusion of Women and Minorities as Subjects in Clinical Research. From the NIH, Dr. LaRosa moved to Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans. Dr. LaRosa worked on a collaborative project with Xavier University focusing on adolescents in the CJ Peete Housing Development in New Orleans. As part of her duties, Dr. LaRosa ran group therapy sessions for adolescents as well as therapeutic activities to foster self-awareness and positive development. In addition, she participated in different research activities with faculty at both institutions. Dr. LaRosa also collaborated with Xavier University to establish Tulane Xavier Center of Excellence in Women’s Health funded initially by the Department of Health and Human Services. She served as its first director. Dr. LaRosa has published extensively in professional and lay journals in the areas of heart disease, women's health, and workplace health promotion and disease prevention. She has also co-authored a textbook, New Dimensions of Women's Health that is now in it’s 8th edition. Dr. LaRosa has served on the Institute of Medicine’s Committees on Understanding the Biology of Sex and Gender as well as the Committee on Assessing the Medical Risks of Human Oocyte Donation for Stem Cell Research, the National Institute for Nursing Research’s Advisory Council, the Armed Forces Epidemiological Board, National Science Foundation/Institute of Medicine Committee on Defense Women's Health Research, and was a member of the US Army Research and Materiel Command/United Information Systems, Inc. Core Directorate to design and implement the Department of Defense (DoD) breast cancer and defense women's health grant review process. Dr. LaRosa has served as a scientific reviewer for the NIH, Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Defense.

Courses Taught:
  • CHSC 5203: Sex, Gender, Race, and Ethnicity
  • CHSC 5302: Social Marketing
  • HPMG 5206: Introduction to Health Policy and Management
  • HPMG 5306: Policy Studies in Urban and Immigrant Health
  • HPMG 7200: Public Health Management and Ethics
  • HPMG 7205: Interdisciplinary Leadership in Public Health
Current Projects:
  • Cultural Competency in Diverse Settings

Books/Book Chapters

  • Alexander, Linda L, Judith H. LaRosa, Helaine Bader, and Susan Garfield. New Dimensions in Women’s Health. 5th edition. Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishing Company, 2006. 6th edition in process.
  • LaRosa, Judith H. and John C. LaRosa. Cardiometabolic Risk Factors and CVD in Women. Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes. (ed: Luther Clark, Samy McFarlane). McGraw-Hill. 2006, 456-471.
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