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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Faculty Governance

The SUNY Downstate Faculty Governance
College of Medicine

Faculty and Professional Staff Assembly of the College of Medicine (FPACM) is authorized to develop and implement programs and policies in accordance with the standards for Articles of Governance of the University Faculty Senate of State University of New York as promulgated by the Policies of the Board of Trustees.

The responsibilities of the FPACM include: 1) The development and conduct of educational, research and service programs of the College; 2) The establishment and continuous review of academic standards; 3) Formulation of Faculty and Professional Staff personnel policies relative to appointments, promotions, and selection of administrative officers, department chairmen and division chairpersons; 4) Participation in the formulation and implementation of budgetary policies of the College; 5) Encouragement of student participation in the development of educational programs of the College; and 6) Participation with the administration in the periodic assessment of Faculty, Professional Staff and Administrative activities in the areas of FPACM responsibility.