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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Comprehensive Epilepsy Center


Yoshimi Hisamoto, MD

Yoshimi Hisamoto, MD

Pediatric Neurology

Clinical subspecialty:

Child Neurology, Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology


Research interests:

Epilepsy, Clinical Neurophysiology.


Education and training:

MD: Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine

Residency in General Pediatrics: Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center

Residency in Child Neurology: SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Fellowship in Pediatric EEG and Epilepsy: Wayne State University Children’s Hospital of Michigan

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  • Cho-Hisamoto Y, Kojima K, Brown EC, Matsuzaki N, Asano E.

    Gamma activity modulated by naming of ambiguous and unambiguous images: intracranial recording.

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  • Cho-Hisamoto Y, Kojima K, Brown EC, Matsuzaki N, Asano E.

    Cooing- and babbling-related gamma-oscillations during infancy: Intracranial recording.

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  • Moriyoshi, K., Iijima, K., Fujii, H., Ito, H., Cho, Y., and Nakanishi, S.

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