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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Department of Emergency Medicine


Nooruddin Tejani, MD FAAP

Nooruddin Tejani, MD FAAP

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Clinical Assistant Professor
Director Pediatric Emergency Medicine University Hospital of Brooklyn

Tel: (718) 270-8241


Medical School:

Rawalpindi Medical School, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Graduation Date:


Residency Training:

University of Texas, Medical branch in Galveston, Tx


Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD

Areas of Professional Interest:

Pediatric pain management, Resident and Nursing education, Moderate sedation, Acute Phase Reactants and Infection

Outside Interests:

Community service, love playing ping pong and video games with my children and enjoy gardening and bicycling with my wife

  • Search Dr. Tejani's Publications on PubMed.
    • 1. N. Tejani et al: C-reactive Proteins in Acute Otitis Media. Pediatrics. May 1995:664-69
    • 2. Interleukin-8 and Occult Bacteremia; abstract submitted to Ambulatory Pediatric Association Meeting, January 1996
    • 3. Calcium Channel Antagonist; Tejani and Silverberg: 2000. Online Textbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine.
    • 4. Pediatrics: Febrile seizures; March 2006. Online textbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
    • 5. Staffing Recommendations for Pediatrics during a Disaster: Hospital guidelines for Pediatrics in Disaster. First Edition, Second Edition and Third edition (to be published) 2005-2007