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EMED 4042: Bedside Limited Emergency Ultrasound

Course Director: Amy Sanghvi, MD
Computer Code: 92714
Course Location: Kings County, UHB
Registration Information: Amy Sanghvi:
Telephone Contact: 718-245-2975
Fax: 718-245-4799
Email Address:
Course Timing
Month Offered: Year Round
Duration: 2 weeks
Hours per week:  
No. of Students: Max 1
Visiting Students Accepted: Yes (Not Incl DMC Stud.)
Course Type:  
Prerequisites: Completion of First 2 Years, Emergency Medicine
Procedure for Evaluation Of Students: Participation and Observation, practical and written performance
Course Description
Medical students taking this elective will be exposed to the broad range of exciting opportunities for the use of Bedside Limited Ultrasound in the Emergency Department. One to two 4th year medical students will be eligible to work directly with Emergency Medicine attendings, fellows and residents trained in Emergency Ultrasound for select 2-week blocks. They will meet daily in the Emergency Department and learn the basics of ultrasound physics and instrumentation, as well as hands-on dynamic ultrasonographic scanning of both specially designed models and actual patients. Special emphasis will be devoted to ultrasound guided procedures including central venous catheterization, paracentesis, thoracentesis and foreign body localization. All scans will be supervised and students will meet weekly with faculty, fellows and residents for an image and video review conference. Students will also be expected to read and research current topics in Emergency Ultrasound, including a recent journal topic review. Knowledge will be demonstrated at the end of the rotation with a brief test, encompassing basic concepts that should have been acquired during the rotation. This rotation is designed for students who have already done an elective in Emergency Medicine, are interested in a career path in Emergency Medicine, and desire to develop and improve skills that will be used throughout their residency and careers. Students MUST have approval from the Course Director prior to being scheduled for this elective.