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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Department of Emergency Medicine


New York Institute for All Hazard Preparedness

Bonnie Arquilla, DO

Founding Director of Preparedness Planning and Response

Associate Professor Emergency Medicine, PI of Vulnerable Populations Research

Michael Augenbraun, MD

Founding Director and Senior Investigator Preparedness Planning and Response

Professor of Medicine Division Infectious Diseases , Hospital Epidemiologist

Stephan Kohlhoff, MD, PhD

Director of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Projects

Assistant Professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Patricia Roblin, MS

Administrative Director of Preparedness Planning and Response

Microbiologist and Infectious Disease Coordination

Research Instructor Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Rita Nathawad, MD

Quarantine Management and Coordination Expert

Assistant Clinical Instructor Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Vikas Shah, MD

Preparedness Planning and Response

Assistant Professor Pediatric Critical Care

Pediatric Critical Care Specialist, Surge Planning

John Adelaine, BA, PDM

International Project Coordinator

Finance Manager

COO of Emergency Medicine

Mark Silverberg, MD

Director of Emergency Medicine Educational Applications

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Gentry Wilkerson, MD
Drill Evaluation Coordinator
Jonathan Wasserman, MD

Quarantine Protocol Development

Emergency Medicine

Michael Stone, MD, RDM

Director of Disaster Ultra Sound

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Fellowship Director in Ultra Sound

Karen Chase, MD

Research Associate Surge Planning

Clinical Instructor Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine

Andrew Miller, MD

Research Associate Critical Care

Clinical Instructor Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine

George Allen, RN, PhD

Director of Infection Control

Stephan Rinnert, MD

Emergency Medicine Educational Director

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine

Vice Chair of Emergency of Medicine


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