The following are resources and links to promote wellness.

Employee Assistance Program, EAP

The mission of the EAP is to provide a comprehensive worksite-based program to assist employees in the prevention, early intervention, and resolution of problems, which may impact on job performance. Please visit the website for additional information or call (718) 270-1000. Led by Magda Alliancin, PhD, Director of EAP.

Wellness Self-Assessment Tools

The GME Handbook has a number of self-assessment tools to monitor your well-being, including resources for a provider resilience phone app. Please visit the link to access.

Psychology Today

This website provides listings of mental health providers by specialty and geographic area.

NYC Well

NYC Well connects you with suicide prevention and crisis counseling, peer support, and short-term counseling. Call us for help scheduling appointments or finding other mental health services. Dial 1-888-NYC-WELL (1-888-692-9355).

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals. Dial 1-800-273-8255.

Department of Pastoral/Spiritual Care

Chaplains will offer appropriate spiritual and pastoral care, as requested, to patients, family members, students, and staff persons. Spiritual Care services include bereavement support for families and staff after a patient’s or staff death. Please contact (718)-221-6105, or (718)-270-2594. Additionally, there is on-call spiritual support for after-hours, which can be accessed through the page operator.

Lactation Room

SUNY Downstate employees and residents/fellows may use the designated Employee Lactation Room (A3-469) located next to the NICU on the 3rd floor of hospital (UHB, 445 Lenox Road).

To enter the Lactation Room, an employee must obtain an access code from the staff in the Mother/Baby Unit (Nursing Station 32) also located on the third floor, phone # 718-270-2088/2089.

Consistent with Local Laws of the City of New York for the Year 2018, an employee will be given a reasonable break time to express breast milk for their nursing child. All requests for time to express break milk at work should be directed to the Residency Program Director or designee.

If two or more individuals need to use the Lactation Room at the same time, please report to Nursing Station 32 and speak to the charge nurse to request temporary alternate accommodations.

If a resident is assigned to an off-site location, a request should be made to the onsite administrator for a clean, private room with a “lockable” door to allow for privacy for expressing breast milk.

Groupon Offers

Groupon offers several discounts on activities that promote wellness including health and fitness, spas, and many different types of classes. There is something for every resident regardless of where he or she lives or the budget. To implement the use of Groupon into residency programs here are some guidelines:

  1. Create an email account where the Groupon deals will be sent.
  2. Under Groupon email subscriptions, add New York City and select “Special Offers & Promotions: Occasions-based deals selected for you”.
  3. Under profile select deals for both women and men.
  4. Screen Groupon emails for deals that include wellness activities.
  5. Forward Groupon deals to other residents.

For additional help or more information on resources available to you, please email or contact your Wellness Subcommittee.

The following are videos for self-directed well-being.

40-Minute Guided Imagery Meditation for Stress Relief

By Piedmont Healthcare

Breathing Meditation

By UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

Relaxing Music for Stress Relief – Meditation and Healing

By Meditation Relax Music