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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Department of Dermatology


Clinical Rotations Overview


Our program is comprised of a variety of clinical facilities, including several ambulatory and consultative inpatient services at Kings County Hospital (KCH), University Hospital (SUNY), the Brooklyn Veteran's Hospital (VA), Brookdale University Hospital, Maimonides Medical Center, Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center, and Cumberland Diagnostic Center. Given the large number of clinical training sites, our rotations are divided into blocks ranging from four to seven weeks.

An outline of rotations throughout the three years of residency

1st year
Consult team (KCH, SUNY) 2 months
Surgery team (VA) 2 months
Outpatient adult clinic (KCH, SUNY, Brookdale, Woodhull, Cumberland, VA) 6 months
Outpatient pediatric clinic (KCH, Brookdale, Cumberland) 1-2 months
Phototherapy clinic (KCH, VA) 1 month
2nd year
Consult Team, surgery, and clinic (KCH, SUNY) 2 months
Surgery Team (VA) and clinic 2 months
Brookdale Consult Senior and clinic 2 months
Woodhull and Cumberland Clinic 2 months
Maimonides Pediatric Consults/Clinic 2 month
VA consults and clinic 2 months
3rd year
Consult Senior and clinic (KCH, SUNY) 2 months
Surgery Senior (VA) and clinic 2 months
Dermatopathology intensive training 1 month
Cosmetic clinic (VA, SUNY) 2 months
Elective* 2 months
Outpatient pediatric and adult clinic (KCH, SUNY) 2 months

*Pending faculty approval

Third Year Elective

A two-month elective period is provided during the resident's final year, upon approval by the residency Program Director and Department Chair. Approval is based on a high level of academic achievement and clinical competence. The elective time may be used to complement the resident's educational experience through rotations in related fields, particular subspecialties, clinical or basic science research projects, community service activities, and electives abroad.

Over the years, our residents have traveled throughout the country participating in elective opportunities in procedural, medical, and cosmetic dermatology in San Diego, San Francisco, Houston, Boston, Los Angeles, Denver, Birmingham, New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Washington, DC and New Orleans, among other cities. Additionally, our residents have traveled abroad to cities in South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa partaking in volunteer work and tropical dermatology projects.


Call Responsibilities

Dermatology home call is structured with the goal of graduated call responsibility. Home call for evenings and weekends begins in September of the first year of residency to allow residents to acclimate to their first year of dermatology. Call is split evenly among the first year residents. The first year residents field the initial consult; they then discuss the case further with the third year resident and attending in order to create a differential diagnosis and an appropriate management plan.


SUNY Downstate Dermatology residents have the opportunity to attend several academic conferences and meetings during their three years of residency. Residents are able to attend the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting during two of the three years of residency. The residents also attend monthly lectures through the Dermatologic Society of Greater New York. Residents also attend the annual Greater New York Dermoscopy Course.


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