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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Department of Dermatology

Third and fourth year medical students

Elective at Kings County Hospital and SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Medical students rotate through adult and pediatric outpatient dermatology clinics at KCH and SUNY. Rotations are between two and four weeks in duration. Medical students observe the work-up and management of patients, participate in pediatric journal club, and learn the principles of dermatologic diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, such as skin biopsy and intralesional injections. Medical students are often able to join the consult team and learn basic facets of inpatient and emergency dermatology.

Fourth year medical student rotations are only 4-weeks long. For any additional questions or concerns please contact Beatrice Roberts.

Contact information:
Course coordinator: Beatrice Roberts
Phone: (718)-270-1229

Elective at the Brooklyn VA Hospital

Students rotate through outpatient dermatology clinics at the Brooklyn VA. Students work with residents and attendings, gaining exposure to a variety of dermatologic conditions. Residents and attendings also provide several introductory lectures for medical students. Additionally, medical students attend weekly grand rounds lectures at SUNY Downstate.

Contact information:
Course coordinator: Cindy Farley
Phone: (718)-630-3725