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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Department of Dermatology

Benjamin Bender Conferences

One Wednesday every month, residents prepare a Grand Rounds presentation on a cutting-edge topic for our Benjamin Bender Conference. The Conference is given in memory of Dr. Benjamin Bender, Clinical Professor of Dermatology, who devoted his life to teaching clinical dermatology to medical students and residents at Downstate. In conjunction with the Benjamin Bender Presentations, residents also present unique and educational dermatology cases, drawn from their own clinic and consult patients.

Valchlor Gel for Treatment of Mycosis Fungoides
Eczema in the city: Does living in the city increase the chance of developing atopic dermatitis?
Trematenib (MEK kinase inhibitor) in treatment for advanced melanoma
Update on HTLV-1
Topical Rapamycin for Tuberous Sclerosis
Candida antigens for warts
Advances in vaccination development
Skin Color – More to the story
Belimumab for SLE
Psoriasis: neurophysiology and botulinum toxin
The skinny on itchy skin: Basic science update on eczema
Rituximab in Pemphigus
The Affordable Care Act
Comparing IFN-alpha and IFN-gamma in treatment of cutaneous malignancies
ASA and BRAF Mutations
Azelaic acid and melanoma
Psoriasis and cardiovascular disease
Skin/gut relationship: probiotics and atopic dermatitis
Integrative therapies for photoaging
Ipilimumab and melanoma
TNF inhibitors and the development of malignancy
Significance of ANA testing
Topical use of botulinum toxin
Role of systemic psoriasis treatment in decreasing cardiovascular risk
Omalizumab and treatment of bullous pemphigoid
Update on Acne and OCP use
Demodex, Ivermectin, and treatment of Rosacea
Laser use for Drug Delivery: Part 1
Role of BP 230 in neurologic disease
FISH technology and Spitz nevi and other atypical nevi
Immunology and acne
Psoriasis, diet, and nutrition
New tattoo removal techniques
Laser use for drug delivery: Part 2
New IL-17 agents
Should we be putting TGF beta on our faces?
Propranolol for hemangioma, an update


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