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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Cultural Competency in Nursing Homes

Four Modules

Module 1

Informational Competence presents the major terms used in cultural competency model. Description of health beliefs systems for Blacks, Latinos and Jews are given. Ways to dispel stereotypes are also presented.

Module 2

Intra-personal or Self-Awareness Competence explains ways for an individual to examine personal values and stereotypes. Strategies are presented to assess one's attitudes toward residents.

Module 3

Interpersonal Competence details ways to express understanding, respect and warmth to residents. This module emphasizes strategies to enhance communication between care provider and resident.

Module 4

Intellectual Competence and Intervention Competency/Cognitive Strategy present ways to use assessments that show respect for individuals and cultures, including use of interpreters when necessary, and non verbal cues. At the end of the model, long and short term goals for improving cultural competence in nursing homes are explored.

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