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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Clinical and Translational Science Center

CTSC LogoClinical and Translational Science Center

Downstate's CTSC provides the critically needed infrastructure, resources and expertise to foster acceleration of the development of new methods and therapeutics aimed at improving human health



uhb outsideThe mission of the Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC) at SUNY Downstate Medical Center is to provide a clinical laboratory and other support for clinical and translational scientists who conduct human subject research. Translational research beginning at the laboratory bench that leads to clinical studies performed at the CTSC should aim to translate basic scientific discoveries into novel diagnostic and therapeutic methods that improve health care. Collaborations between basic and clinical scientists are encouraged.

The CTSC is a Center within Downstate's Institute for Genomic Health (IGH, Michele Pato, MD, Director). It is available to investigators in any of the SUNY Downstate Schools and Colleges. Dr. Richard Coico serves as Director of the CTSC and Dr. Pato serves as Executive Director.

The investigations carried out in the CTSC include studies of normal and abnormal human physiology and studies of the cause, prevention, control, and cure of diseases that afflict individuals of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds.

The CTSC also serves as a resource for teaching and training medical students, residents, fellows, and other health care professionals in the skills of clinical investigation.



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