Clinical &
Translational Science Center

The CTSC can be used by investigators at SUNY-Downstate who are supported by the National Institutes of Health, other federal, state and local agencies, foundations, individual departments or by the private sector. The CTSC also supports pilot studies that may lead to future NIH or other support provided that resources for these studies are available (e.g. departmental resources, start-up funds, no cost extension funds). All studies that utilize subject rooms and facilities involving human subjects or biospecimens must be IRB-approved. Alternatively, investigators involved in translational research or clinical investigators not yet approved to carry out human subjects research (e.g. pending IRB approval) may become members but their use of the Center will be limited to such things as attending CTSC-sponsored workshops, seminars, and educational forums. To become a member of the CTSC, submit an Application that will be reviewed within four weeks.