Instructions for Submitting a CTSC Application

Faculty with active, approved IRB protocols may apply for CTSC membership by completing the Application Form below. Note that if you have more than one active IRB protocol, you must submit separate applications for each IRB protocol.

In addition to specifying the PI or co-I named on the IRB protocol, where indicated, you must also indicate the names and roles of key personnel involved in the study (e.g. co-PI, Nurse, Study Coordinator, Nurse Practitioner, Other). SUNY Downstate ID cards of the PI/co-I and key personnel will be programmed to enable swipe card access to the Center during non-business hours. Approved applications grant access to the CTSC for up to six month terms depending on the expiration date of the IRB protocol. CTSC access is renewable by certifying that the IRB protocol on the original application continues to be active.

Research Compliance Certification and IRB Protocol

PI or co-I named on the IRB protocol indicated above:

Personnel & Roles

Scheduling & Access

Once your application to use CTSC space has been approved, we will direct you to an on-line application where you can request access.

Questions? Contact Dr. Richard Coico, CTSC Director.