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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Clinical & Translational Science Center – Applications

Instructions for Submitting a CTSC Application

Faculty who do not currently have approved IRB protocols may apply for CTSC membership by completing the Application Form below. If you are approved for membership, this would allow you to attend our meetings and seminars to learn more about research being conducted by other CTSC investigators.  However, under this membership status (i.e. no active IRB protocol), you will not be able to use subject rooms until you have an IRB approve project.

Your full name
Location on campus
All members of the CTSC must have completed required research compliance training.
Please limit your summary to 300 words or less.
Do you currently have extramural funding?
If you checked yes above, please indicate funding source:
Are you planning to submit an IRB application in the next year?
Note that if you are approved for membership following submission of this application and then get approval from the IRB to carry out studies using human subjects, you must submit the alternate CTST application ("Applicants with active IRB protocols") where you will be asked to provide information about your IRB protocol. Once that application is approved, you may use the CTSC facilities to work with human subjects in accordance with your IRB protocol