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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Office of Communications & Marketing

Style Guide

Downstate Colors

"Downstate Blue":

  • For offset - Pantone, PMS Color 285
  • Web Color - Hex: #007cc3
  • RGB: R:0 G:124 B:195

Text color:

  • Black


Logo Guidelines

Downstate's Signature Logo:

Downstate's signature logo should appear on all communication materials and promotional items. Approval must be obtained from Institutional Advancement for use on promotional items.

logo breakdown

Downstate's logo is well known within the community and among academic medical centers. The serrated-edge seal incorporates a rendering of the Brooklyn Bridge, surrounded by Downstate's formal name, "The Health Science Center at Brooklyn." The signature logo also includes the name by which our institution is best known: "SUNY Downstate Medical Center." The font used includes a stylized "D" that is unique to Downstate.


Using the Downstate logo:

Downstate's logo is part of campus branding. Copies of the logo, including web, print and promo material friendly versions, can be obtained from Biomedical Communications.

Approved Official Logos can be downloaded here:

Promotional Cup

50th Anniversary Campaign

photo of cuo photo of hat


The logo should not be altered in any way. Whenever possible, use the two-color version of the signature logo. Ask Biomedical Communications or Institutional Advancement if you have questions about using the logo.

Do not:

  1. Redesign, redraw, animate, modify, or alter the logo proportions.
  2. Distort the logo by stretching it or making it wider.
  3. Alter the color of the logo.
  4. Add words, images, or any other new elements to the logo.
  5. Combine the logo with other design elements or effects.
  6. Replace the approved typeface with any other typeface.


Examples of mis-using Downstate's logo:

  • Do Not Retype Text
    Bad Logo
  • Do Not Stretch
  • Do Not Alter Color
    bad logo colors
  • Do Not Distort
    Logo Skewed
  • Do Not Add Shadow
    Logo w/ dropshadow
  • Do Not Add Graphics
    Going Green


Sub-Logos Using College, Department, and Other Names:


Individual academic, clinical, and administrative units can add their names to Downstate's logo for official communication purposes, such as on stationery and e-mail signatures. The positioning of a unit's name should be developed with guidance from Biomedical Communications.


The use of the Logo on Stationery and Business Cards:

Logo Business Card

Guidelines for using Downstate's logo in Stationery and Business Cards and order information can be found at:


Deviation from Standard Format:

The Office of Communications and Marketing will work with departments on incorporating Downstate's logo into graphic, web, or other visual projects. The Office of Institutional Advancement must expressly authorize the use of logos by campus-affiliated organizations or any design features deviating from SUNY Downstate's graphic standards.


Special Purpose Logos:

On occasion, and with approval from senior leadership, Downstate has approved or developed alternative logos for special purposes, including marketing or branding specific projects.  Special logos must be developed with the approval of Institutional Advancement and compliment Downstate's broader brand.

Examples include:


The Sesquicentennial Logo

50th Anniversary Campaign

logo 150 logo 50


The Downstate/University Hospital of Brooklyn marketing logo incorporating the names of offsite facilities.

Hospital Logo


Downstate at Bayridge