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Committee on Education Policy and Curriculum (CEPC) – Roster 2015-2016

Dr. Juan Marcos Alarcon (Pathology) Mr. John Odackal COM 2015
Dr. Stacy Blain (Cell Biology) Mr. Joshua Lampert COM 2015
Dr. Laura Bruno (Pediatrics) Ms. Kat Jong COM 2016
Dr. Lee Eisner, Chair (Cell Biology) Mr. Schuyler Tong COM 2016
Dr. Steven Fox (Physiology and Pharmacology) Mr. Brad Dick COM 2017
Dr. Sheldon Landesman (Medicine) Mr. Felix Ho COM 2017
Dr. Jenny Libien (Pathology and Neurology) Mr. Omar Moussa COM 2018
Dr. Steven Ostrow (Radiology and Cell Biology) Ms. Melissa Daniel COM 2018
Dr. Rikki Ovitsh (Pediatrics) Mr. Abhi Amarnani MD-PhD
Dr. Bram Trauner (Medicine)