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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

College of Medicine

Committee on Education Policy and Curriculum (CEPC)

The mission of the Curriculum and Education Policy Committee (CEPC) is to:

  1. insure teaching faculty have a voice that is represented in curriculum and educational policy decisions made by the Dean's Council, and
  2. serve as an independent oversight committee on curriculum and education policy issues.


Schedule of Meetings

When: Meetings held as needed.

Where: Cell Biology and Anatomy Seminar Room BSB 2-1, 4:00 pm


Roster 2015-2016

  • Dr. Juan Marcos Alarcon (Pathology)
  • Mr. Abhi Amarnani MD-PhD
  • Dr. Stacy Blain (Cell Biology)
  • Dr. Laura Bruno (Pediatrics)
  • Mr. Shane Dluzinski COM 2019
  • Dr. Lee Eisner, Chair (Cell Biology)
  • Ms. Melissa Hirsch COM 2019
  • Dr. Jenny Libien (Pathology and Neurology)
  • Mr. Omar Moussa COM 2018
  • Dr. Steven Ostrow (Radiology and Cell Biology)
  • Dr. Rikki Ovitsh (Pediatrics)
  • Dr. Bram Trauner (Medicine)

Agenda and Minutes

CEPC Report to Faculty Assembly

CEPC Report on Sub-Internships in MS4

 IPC Unit Reviews