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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

College of Health Related Professions – Midwifery Program

On-line Courses


The following courses can be found at the myDownstate site.

Distance Learning Courses: (Students are required to attend one on campus day at the beginning of each online course.)

  • Research 1
  • Research 2
  • Health Policy & Community Assessment
  • Introduction to Teaching

All of the remaining midwifery courses are web enhanced.


Recommended minimum computing platform for accessing course materials on Blackboard utilizing a laptop or mobile device:

Security: Users are strongly urged to purchase/maintain licensed antiviral & internet security software from major vendors such as McAfee, Symantec (Available free to on-campus users).  Users running Microsoft Windows should choose the “automatic” option for Windows Update, which keeps user machines secure by periodically updating key operating system files as they are released by Microsoft..  

Battery Life of Lap Tops used during class: 4–5 hour battery or 3 hour battery life with spare battery
Not all lap tops may allow users to remove and replace batteries. Please check.