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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

School of Health Professions

Health Career Center

Health Care Skills Workshops

Health Care Skills Workshops hosted by the Downstate Health Careers Center are designed to provide health care workers with practical skills that will enhance their ability to effectively communicate and provide coordinated, primary care. Knowledge gained from these interactive sessions will allow health care providers to meet the demands of current health care trends which indicate a shift from hospital-based care to community outreach and primary care. These small group learning sessions will engage participants with case-based discussions, communication skills practice, and group exercises. A series of interactive workshops will be held in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018. Some topics include: Mental Health First Aid and Motivational Interviewing for Health Care Professionals and Team Building.

Mental Health First Aid (Fall 2017)

This is the National Council for Behavioral Health approved course, Mental Health First Aid. This is an eight-hour course designed to equip participants with the skills and confidence to identify and assist someone who is experiencing a mental health crisis. Through role-play and simulation activities, participants will be able to assist others in initiating mental health care by connecting them with the appropriate professional, peer and self-help care. Mental Health First Aid sessions will be held at Downstate Medical Center on November 5, 2017 and November 9, 2017. To reserve your spot in one of the Mental Health First Aid sessions, click this link to fill out the reservation form.

You will receive a certificate from the National Council for Behavioral Health upon completion of this 8 hour course.

Watch for future offerings of this course and Mental Health First Aid for teens and young adults.

Patient/Person Centered Team Work

This is a series of 3 workshops focused on skills and strategies for health care providers to deliver more effective services to their patients/clients and the community. Participants will engage in role play and practice of interviewing skills, discussion of factors that can derail a team as well as build a team's capacity.

The schedule for these workshops will be posted soon, but will be during the months of October to December, 2017.