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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Downstate Depot – Central Stores

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Central Stores INFO
Phone: 718-270-1514
Fax: 718-270-1266
MailStop: 61
Email: Reception Desk
Location: UH B-526.
Enter thru Downstate Depot Reception UH B-530A; opposite Medical Records.
Hours: M-F 9am to 5pm.
Your order must be received by 4:45 pm in order to be processed by 5pm.
Asst Director: Vacant, Kevin LeDoux retired 12/31/17
Deputy Director: Victor Haynes

Welcome to Downstate Depot - Central Stores

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Please use the address "" to report any concerns- the message will auto distributed to all CStores individual staff and management members.


  • Reassignment of Funds (aka "Budget Funds Transfer"):  Please check your state department accounts RECHARGE allocations (object code 9200) regularly. Dept State Accounts with a CStores recharge deficit are reminded to submit a Reassignment of Funds Form to the Budget Office to cover any allocation deficit. It is highly recommend you save time by reassigning sufficient funds to cover the accounts' anticipated entire fiscal year expenses through June 30th of each year.
  • The State Contract Office Supply desktop delivery program is thru "Wats International" (More Info link).

Reminder- Preparation for SUNY’s Fiscal Year (FY) that ends on 6/30 of each year:

  • FY 17-18 State Account Recharge Requisition Processing ends 3 pm on Fri June 29, 2018. Central Stores requisitions charged to FY 17/18 must be submitted to CStores no later than 3pm on Friday June 29, 2018.  All requisitions received after this deadline will be recharged against the new FY 18/19 funds.
  • CStores Annual Inventory of Supplies will be on Friday June 29, 2018 .Central Stores will be conducting its annual year-end inventory of supplies on Friday June 29, 2018. Only emergency requests for patient care items will be processed on this day. Central Stores will resume normal requisition processing on Monday July 2, 2018. Please plan accordingly.


Central Stores Provides:

View the current Central Stores Catalog

The posted catalog unit prices are a guideline only as of the date pdf was last posted.  The actual prices are automatically updated in the recharge system based on the actual cost of the applicable stock purchase cost. Your dept account is recharged based on the actual current price.

The Catalog includes:

    • Common non-sterile hospital patient care items. Note: Most UHB Sterile Supply items are carried by UHB's Central Sterile Supply Distribution unit.
    • Some common Office Supplies used by all DMC/UHB units, including:
    • Lab supplies to all DMC departments including vaccutainers, dry ice (for specimen use), microscope slides & covers, Alcohol detergent.
    • Forms in Stock including:
      • Some UHB (HIM-Medical Record) Forms. Central Stores stocks and distributes only those UHB-HIM forms that are most cost effectively reproduced internally by the Downstate Depot Quick Copy Center. All other very large annual volume, more complicated, and color forms are procured through the State Purchasing Department using external vendors.
      • State Purchase Requisition Forms: no loner pre-printed available online (link) - State funded procurements are already on, or in process to transition to, DMC's automated Lawson system.
      • State Time & Attendance Forms: Most State paid staff have transitioned to the SUNYwide automated Time and Attendance System/ TAS (link). Hard  copy forms are no longer being printed of these forms once employees are transitioned to this automated system. For those NOT yet on this automated system, or for non-State affiliated entities that wish to use paper forms, the following prior forms can be downloaded::

        MONTHLY Faculty NTP Time & Attendance form; Print off, complete, sign, then photocopy as needed.

        Biweekly Classified Time Sheet ; Print off, complete, sign, then photocopy as needed..

    •  Shredding. if your dept has an occiasional need for shredding a large volume of documents, Central Receiving & Stores has a large capacity shredder machine available for DMC customers to use; Call CStores to make arrangements.
      • For ongoing regular shredding needs, DMC has a shredding service vendor (American Security Shredding company at 800-882-1979) for offices that have ongoing frequent shredding needs of confidential documents. They place a large pail in the office and pick-up filled containers on a regular basis. Contact Vendor for details. 
  • Central Stores Pricing Policy:

Central Stores recharges all products and services at cost to all customer funding sources (State, Research, DMC Affiliates). There is no mark up over the cost of the procured goods, materials or services that are billed by the source vendor/ provider.

The posted catalog unit prices are a guideline only as of the date pdf was last posted. The actual prices are automatically updated in the recharge system based on the actual cost of the applicable stock purchase cost. Your dept account is recharged based on the actual current price.

  • Dry ice (for specimen use): Vendor dry ice delivery days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Place your order to CStores by the previous day at or before 3pm in order to receive ice on these days (orders for Tuesday delivery are due before 3pm on Friday). 
    • The vendor-scheduled delivery days change seasonally, since warmer or colder temperatures affect how quickly the Dry Ice evaporates.
    • New customers: contact the CStores Reception desk at Ext 1514 (718-270-1514) to determine the scheduled delivery days before placing your order.
    • Frequent users: Save time  & avoid preparing a new requisition each time you need Dry Ice. Instead, submit a Standing Order requisition for the entire fiscal year. Call the Reception desk for details.
  • Outbound UPS shipments: More detailed information is found on the Central Receiving website. Business related shipments are handled through Central Stores -


How to Place an Order and Pay for Central Stores Services:

DMC Departments - State and IFR Account holders: State accounts follow the DMC Recharge billing process:

  • Prepare a State Purchasing Requisition Form (customized for CStores) using the item description and item stock # as found in Central Stores Catalog. Requisition must include:
    1. a Valid 8 digit State account#,
    2. the Valid authorized signature for the funding account that is paying for services. Stock issued will be expensed under Object Code 9200 (Central Stores Recharges).
    3. the CStores catalog item # and qty desired.
    4. the final delivery destination Building and Room#.
    5. In a rush? Put "WILL PICK UP" items at Downstate Depot - Central Stores (UH Rm ALL1-526. Enter thru Downstate Depot Reception Desk in UH Basement corridor opposite HIM (Medical Records) . Give your telephone contact # (including cell phone or pager) so that you can be telephoned when your order is ready for pick-up.
  • State accounts must have available funds in the Central Stores Recharge Object Code 9200 to cover your estimated annual needs. If it does not have enough funds to cover you order, you will need to process a "Reassignment of Funds" Form through the DMC Budget Office and provide the approved copy to CStores before your order can be processed.
  • IFR accounts: Your requisition needs to be signed by the Budget office (BSB 1-26, phone X 1116, MailStop 124) to verify the IFR account has available cash. Payment is processed via the normal DMC recharge billing process - a journal transfer from your IFR acct to CStores IFR acct by DMC Financial Management.


Customized UHB Nursing Station & Clinical Labs CStores Order Form 


Research Foundation Account Holders:

The Research Foundation REQUIRES an RF Purchase Requisition be submitted with the appropriate grant number (Project#, Task#, Award#), to be charged and signed in advance by the project director.


Affiliated Entities (NON-State organizations = DMC affiliates such as FSA, HSCBF, UPB, and all others):

Use the State Purchasing Requisition Form (customized for CStores), but identify the affiliated entity's billing information in the comment section at bottom of form; "Bill to" (insert affiliate's name), person's name, box number, account number (if applicable), and be signed by an authorized signatory for that account. Some affiliated entities such as FSA and HSCB Foundation that have their own "Payment Forms" (link) that are accepted in lieu of a State Requisition form. Central Stores will then send the requisition or payment form with the Central Stores Invoice for supplies ordered to the applicable affiliated entity's Business Office for payment.


Submitting Your Order- You can: Print off your requisition for signature. Then:

    • Mail your requisition to Central Stores at Box 61, or
    • Fax your order to Central Stores at 718-270-1266. We suggest you call the Reception Desk (X-1514) to be certain your fax was received., or
    • E-Mail you order to Central Stores - Since the form must be SIGNED, you need to PRINT the form, have it SIGNED, then Scan & eMail the SIGNED version of your order form.


Delivery of Your Order:

In general, orders received by 3:30pm will be delivered same day. Orders after 3:30pm or to off-site locations will be delivered on the next business day. If you need expedited service, call the Reception Desk (X 1514) to make alternative arrangements for expedited delivery or for you to pick up your order in person.

If any ordered item is not available at the time your order is processed, it will not appear on the CStores delivery document/ receipt. If a quantity has been reduced due to in-stock limitations, only the amount issued will appear on the order delivery document/ receipt. Call CStores at Ext 1514 (718-270-1514) for current estimate time for that stock to become available.



Mission Statement

Department of Administrative Services: Consolidated service units at a contiguous location to the extent practical, and commonly known as “Downstate Depot”, that currently includes: Central Receiving, Central Stores, Quick Copy Center, Mail/ Messenger, Warehouse, and Property Control, and provides:

  • A “one-stop” customer service location for multiple support unit services, and maximized workforce cross-training and deployment dependant upon daily workload.
  • Provide the highest standards of quality customer services and customer satisfaction while adhering to DMC’s Code of Ethic and Business Conduct, and Principles of Behavior (pgs 16-31), in support of DMC’s Educational, Clinical and Research enterprises, in a dependable manner while maintaining accurate records of all transactions within all applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Provide quality supplies and services utilized by multiple internal customers, where the best value is achieved through bulk purchase, storage, internal distribution with accurate expense identification, and consistent with all applicable NYS procurement regulations.
  • Accurate and timely processing of customers’ requisition(s) for supplies and services in a dependable manner, maintaining accurate physical and financial records of all transactions.


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