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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Downstate Depot – Central Receiving

Central Receiving INFO
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Phone: 718-270-1217
Fax: 718-270-4773
MailStop: 61
Email: CentralReceiving
Location: UH B-527
(Enter thru Downstate Depot Reception UH B-530A, UH Basement opposite Medical Records)
Hours: M-F 8:30am to 4pm, except holidays
Asst Director: Vacant, Kevin LeDoux retired 12/31/17
Deputy Director: Victor Haynes

Discrepancies, Returns, or Adjustments

Shipment Problem Reporting within 48hours
(For all DMC Business Related Shipments)

Use the Outbound Shipment & Discrepancy Form. If a return outbound shipment is necessary, the same form can used to initiate an outbound shipment. Completed sections A,B,C,&D.

Normally, the vendor will provide a pre-paid shipping label (paid by vendor), but if they do not, then any charges for such Outbound Shipments are recharged through the Central Stores recharge process (object code 9200).

For All DMC main campus and off-site satellite locations, send completed form via fax to Main Campus Central Receiving.

For LICH locations, send the completed form to LICH Central Receiving.


Discrepancies include Overshipments, Quantity Discrepancies, Substitutions (Unacceptable Substitutions or that involve a price change), or any other reason.

Damaged Goods (any funding source):

Customer must report damage details to Central Receiving within 48 hours of internal delivery damage in writing (e-mail accepted). Central Receiving will investigate with the applicable carrier as needed. If a 'return to vendor' is required, customer will be asked to complete a Outbound Shipment & Discrepancy Form.

For State Funded PO Shipments:

Within 48 hours of internal delivery, the customer must report in writing (e-mail accepted) any and all discrepancies between the packing slip and actual goods received, so that the SURS receipt and subsequent A/P process is adjusted. Upon Customer's notification, Central Receiving will triage and coordinate actions as required with User Dept, Purchasing Agent, and A/P. Use the Outbound Shipment & Discrepancy Form.

For State Funded Procurement Card Shipments:

Customer (Procurement Card Holder) must resolve with vendor directly and obtain any needed credit card adjustment.

For NON-State Funded Shipments:

Customer must resolve with vendor directly, and where applicable, the affiliated entity's business office.

Shipment Discrepancy Reporting Summary:

Funding Source Customer Action Required
Damaged Goods (any source) Notify C Receiving within 48hours of receipt
State Notify C Receiving within 48hours of receipt
State Procurement Card Resolve with Vendor; Obtain any needed credit card adjustment
All Non-State Affiliates Resolve w/ Vendor & Affiliate's Business Office


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