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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Downstate Depot – Central Receiving

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Central Receiving INFO
Phone: 718-270-1217
Fax: 718-270-4773
MailStop: 61
Email: CentralReceiving
Location: UH B-527
(Enter thru Downstate Depot Reception UH B-530A, UH Basement opposite Medical Records)
Hours: M-F 8:30am to 4pm, except holidays;
Off hours:
Call University Police
Deputy Director: Victor Haynes

Central Receiving receives and process incoming / outgoing shipments between the vendors and user departments. Downstate's Incoming Shipment protocols for "SHIP TO addressing" and "PO# protocol" apply to ALL Shipments regardless of funding source.


COVID PERIOD ALERT: Now more than ever it is important that you place any and all orders with compliant Downstate "Ship To" standards (internal destination Bldg/Rm), CALL the vendor to delay any shipments if your office has no one available to accept the shipment, or place a message on your office door if anther location is temporarily accepting your deliveries. NO SPACE is available at Central Receiving to hold your shipments!

Need status of an incoming shipment or parcel? Contact the shipper (vendor) to obtain courier and tracking number; Send this info via eMail to (auto-delivers your message to all CReceiving staff and managers) to speed a search and response to you by the next available staff. In message Subject, put the Courier and tracking #. In the message Body, include the PO#, the internal delivery Bldg and Rm #, and any other helpful identifying details that will help speed the status search. Common delays result from insufficient shipping label destination information and no or invalid PO# on shipping label: See DMC Incoming Shipment Label requirements.

Attention ALL P-Card Users!: When placing a PCard funded order by telephone or online that involve a shipment to Downstate, BE CERTAIN to include accurate PO#= CCNN-NNN-NNN (N is depts normal Req #), and SHIP TO =

SUNY Downstate  (DHSU, UHB, or the affiliate's company name are all acceptable)
PO#: _______________ (REQUIRED. See Downstate's PO#@ formats)
Recipients Name, Building and Room # (REQUIRED)
445 Lenox Rd ("450 Clarkson Ave" is OK; 445 Lenox Rd better helps drivers since the CRec entrance is on Lenox Rd)
Brooklyn, NY 11203-2098

The PO# must appear somewhere on shipping label; can be in any ship to label reference field. Downstate Affiliates can use a PO# that begins with either A (for Affiliates) or CC (card purchase) followed by the affiliate's desired numbering format.

Your Downstate SHIPPING ADDRESS (link) is different than your MAILING address (link) !

  • Central Receiving Info FOR TRUCKERS
  • Direct vendor incoming shipments on State PO's to Downstate's Satellites; Bay Ridge, Midwood/ Nostrand Ave, Family Health Services/ 840LeffertsBlvd, and Dialysis/ 710PSA:  Staff at these off-sites are required to Sign all packing slips and send to main campus Central Receiving (scan-eMail to or fax to 718-270-4773) so that the shipment can be entered into the applicable Receiving system that automatedly authorizes A/P invoice payment.
  • Direct Vendor Inside Delivery on State PO's to Main Campus Offices: Whenever a vendor makes direct delivery of a State PO item to the internal destination, typically for equipment vendor installation/ set up, or whenever a State PO delivery does not occur at/ through Downstate's Central Receiving: Staff at the internal destination are required to sign and fax all packing slips to Central Receiving (scan-eMail to or fax to 718-270-4773) so that the shipment can be entered into the Downstate Central Receiving system that automatedly authorizes A/P invoice payment.
  • Transport all incoming supplies and materials to the user departments. Small parcels are at times diverted to Mail Services for delivery with next normal daily mail routes.
  • Receipt and return of gas cylinders.

Mission Statement

Department of Administrative Services: Consolidated service units at a contiguous location to the extent practical, and commonly known as “Downstate Depot”, that currently includes: Central Receiving, Central Stores, Quick Copy Center, Mail/Messenger, Warehouse, and Property Control, and provides:

  • A “one-stop” customer service location for multiple support unit services, and
  • Maximized workforce cross-training and deployment dependant upon daily workload.
  • Provide the highest standards of quality customer services and customer satisfaction while adhering to Downstate’s Code of Ethic and Business Conduct, and Principles of Behavior (pgs 16-31), in support of our Educational, Clinical and Research enterprises, in a dependable manner while maintaining accurate records of all transactions within all applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Provide accurate & efficient processing of both incoming and outgoing packages, including the receipt of all incoming goods of all DMC enterprise funding sources, to its destination in a prompt and efficient manner and assisting in the resolution of shipment discrepancies.
  • Provide documentation to the respective supply chain funding entity, where applicable.