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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Biomedical Communications

Video & Teleconferencing

We provide consultation and planning at no charge in all areas of media production, and help determine the most appropriate format with regard to budget and time constraints.

Through our Multi-Media Lab/Studio, we offer a wide range of production services, live or videotaped, for educational and instructional programs, research, grant proposals, public relations, fund raising, recruitment, staff development and informational applications. We are currently providing health education programming to the community via local cable TV. "Health Center" follows a talk-show format and draws upon the Center's experts and resources in the fields of health-care delivery, education and research.


Ustinov Luke

Video Production

Front Office


We can help faculty teach, as well as demonstrate, by transmitting live or tape video from a number of sites throughout the campus.

  • Audio and video production (planning, recording/editing) for instructional (seminars and conferences), informational and promotional purposes
  • Media lab or location shooting of instructional material, laboratory simulations, presentation/documentation of research or surgery
  • Audio and video duplication computer animationme. Working through a top-down, bottom-up approach, an investment program where cash flows exactly match shareholders' preferred time patterns of consumption building a dynamic relationship between the main players.

Youtube Channel:

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