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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Biomedical Communications

Biomedical Communications

Creative talent for SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Hospital Background 

Vitruvian Man - Art & Design

Art & Graphic Design

We provide all types of medical or scientific illustration in black and white or color for publication, as well as attractive and effective printed materials, and our large format printer provides high-resolution, full-color output.



We have expertise in documenting subjects that are unique to the medical and scientific fields and offer a variety of photographic techniques to capture both medical and non-medical Subjects.


Video & Teleconferencing

Through our Multimedia Lab/Studio, we offer a wide range of production services, live or videotaped, for educational and instructional programs, research, grant proposals, public relations, fund raising, recruitment, staff development and informational applications.

Web Design & Coding

Web Development

One of the most active and easily available ways to send information out into the world is the internet. To that end, Biomedical Communications works tirelessly to mold, edit and strengthen the message you want to tell the world.