The Health Science Center at Brooklyn (HSCB) Foundation

Mission Statement

The Health Science Center of Brooklyn Foundation (HSCBF) supports the Campus' educational, student and clinical needs. Accepts contributions and makes distributions on behalf of Downstate Community overall, owns various local real estate leased to DMC units, manages investment portfolio. Each SUNY campus is authorized to have a Foundation organization pursuant to SUNY policy and through a contract with the local campus. Started in the 1960's.


Board of Directors

  • President: Luther T. Clark, MD
  • Executive Vice President: Wayne J. Riley, MD, MPH, MBA, MACP
  • Vice President / Treasurer: Richard R. Davis, LLB, MBA
  • Secretary: Judith W. Dorsey, MA
  • Board Member: Garry S. Sklar, MD
  • Board Member: Judith H. LaRosa, PHD
  • Board Member: Edgar O. Mandeville, MD, FACOG
  • Board Member: Sharon Carter-Jones
  • Board Member: Daisy Cruz-Richman, PHD, RN

Foundation Officers

  • Treasurer: Bernadette Selby, MPA, CRCR
  • Assistant Secretary: Franci Scharf


  • Mufutau Sadiku
  • Nancy Marin


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