1. Can I email my job or bring it on a disk, or do you need a hard copy?
    • Copy Job Submissions may be submitted by email, USB flash drive, CD or DVD however to make certain that you get exactly what you want please bring a hard copy along with your request.
  2. Do You Offer Color Copies?
    • We are not able to create color copies in-house at this time, however we expect to have this service available in the near future. In the meantime we can refer you to one of our external vendors for your color copy needs at a reasonable price.
  3. Are Copy Center prices less expensive than going off campus?
    • As a Downstate Department, our Recharge rates are based on actual expenses. The QCC does NOT make a profit the way a commercial operation does, and therefore we are able to provide the lower prices for most copy jobs. Where a particular Copy /print Job can accomplished at a cheaper rate than QCC, the external vendor is user. However, at times, the use of an outside vendor is due to the customer's completion deadline date, and where the customer has not provided sufficient production time to produce the job in-house an outside vendor may be needed to meet the deadline and can increase the cost of the job.
  4. When will my job be completed?
    • All jobs are usually processed and completed on a first come first serve basis. By retaining a copy of your QCC Job form, you will have a record of when your job was submitted. We will notify you if there are any delays in processing your request. Please let us know when you need your job to be completed and we will make every effort to meet your deadline.