Part IV: Case-Based Teaching Modules
Teaching Modules


Section 1: Early Life

Nutrition and NICU | Breastfeeding | Fetal Alcohol Syndrome | Infant of Diabetic Mom
Section 2: Infancy

Failure to Thrive | Inborn Errors in Metabolism |Celiac Disease | GERD
Section 3: Later Infancy

Rickets and Calcium Needs | Historical Nutrtition Cases | Food Intolerance and Allergy | Acute Gastroenteritis | Nutrition and Child Developement | Lead Poisoning | The Macrobiotic Mom & Vegetarianism
Section 4: Toddler

Nutrition and PICU | Iron Deficiency | Dental Health | HIV and Nutrition | Care of Handicapped Children | Nutrition and Infection
Section 5: Pre-School

Hypercholesterolemia | Prader-Willi Syndrome |Fiber needs and Constipation | Vitamin A and the Eye | Chronic Diarrhea | Type I DM
Section 6: Early School Age

Micronutrient Deficiency | Probiotics | Adult Onset Diabetes | The Ketogenic Diet | Nutrition and Oncology
Section 7: Adolescent

Eating Disorders | Sports Nutrition |Folate Needs in Potential Pregnancy| Nonalcoholic Liver Disease | Nutrition and Teen Pregnancy
Section 8: Post Adolescent

Nutrition in Chronic Illness | Cystic Fibrosis | Hypertension | Vitamin Excess and Hormonal Misuse | The Diabetic Teenage Mom
S1. Early Life
a. Nutrition and NICU
b. Breastfeeding
c. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
d. Infant of a Diabetic Mom

S2. Infancy
a. Failure to Thrive
b. Inborn Errors in Metabolism
c. Celiac Disease

S3. Later Infancy
a. Rickets and Calcium Disease
b. Historical Nutrition Cases
c. Food Intolerance and Allergy
d. Acute Gastroenteritis
e. Nutrition and Child Developement
f.  Lead Poisoning
g. The Macrobiotic Mom & Vegetarianism

S4. Toddler
a. Nutrition and PICU
b. Iron Deficiency
c. Dental Health
d. HIV and Nutrition
e. Care of Handicapped Children
f. Nutrition and Infection

S5. Pre-School
a. Hypercholesterolemia
b. Prader-Willi Syndrome
c. Fiber Needs and Constipation
d. Vitamin A and the Eye
e. Chronic Diarrhea
f. Type I DM

S6. Early School Age
a. Micronutrient Deficiency
b. Probiotics
c. Adult Onset Diabetes
d. The Ketogenic Diet
e. Nutrition and Oncology

S7. Adolescent
a. Eating Disorders
b. Sports Nutrition
c. Folate Needs in Potential Pregnancy
d. Nonalcoholic Liver Disease
e. Nutrition and Teen Pregnancy

S8. Post-Adolescent
a. Nutrition in Chronic Illness
b. Cystic Fibrosis
c. Hypertension
d. Vitamin Excess and Hormonal Misuse
e. The Diabetic Teenage Mom

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