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The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Department Chair: William P. Urban, Jr., M.D.
(718) 270-2179 Fax: (718) 270-3983

Main Practice Location:
University Hospital of Brooklyn
470 Clarkson Ave, Box 30
Brooklyn, NY 11203

The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery offers complete and sophisticated orthopaedic care to patients of all ages. In addition to general orthopaedic medicine, our faculty offers unique specialized services such as Hand Surgery, Pediatric Orthopaedics, Spine/Scoliosis Surgery, Sports Medicine, Adult Reconstruction/Total Joint Replacement, Microvascular Free-Flap Services, as well as Foot & Ankle Surgery.
All our physicians are Board Eligible/Board Certified orthopaedic surgeons with advanced fellowship training in an orthopaedic subspecialty. All orthopaedic services work cooperatively with other departments at University Hospital of Brooklyn in order to provide patients with the most advanced and complete treatment.
As a referring physician, you and your patients are assured care of the highest quality at the premier tertiary care facility and medical research institute in Brooklyn.

Adult Reconstruction/Total Joint Service

Appointments/Consultations (718) 270-2045

The adult reconstruction service is the premier total joint replacement service in Brooklyn. Specializing in the total joint replacement of the hip & knee, our services include both new implants and the removal or replacement of first generation joint prostheses. Our reconstruction service is the tertiary referral service for patients requiring complex reconstructions for advanced arthritic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, renal disease, sickle cell anemia and lupus as well as patients requiring revisions for loosening, fractures or infection, utilizing state of the art implants or allograft reconstructions. As the only academic reconstruction service in the borough we also provide services for patients with avascular necrosis, tumors and periprosthetic fractures.

Appointments/Consultations (718) 270-2045

Our hand specialists offer care to patients with hand injuries or chronic conditions, including rheumatic diseases, Dupuytren’s disease, carpal tunnel syndrome and tumors as well as tendon and nerve conditions. Special faculty interests include wrist arthroscopy, microscopic reconstructive and free-flap surgery.

Appointments/Consultations (718) 270-2045

We provide orthopaedic care for children from infancy to adolescence. This includes treatment of congenital and developmental disabilities such as hip dislocation, congenital anomalies and major neuromuscular problems, including cerebral palsy and spina bifida. Treatment is also provided for children with skeletal growth abnormalities as well as congenital foot abnormalities such as club foot and flat feet. Procedures such as limb reconstructions, limb lengthening, muscle or tendon transfers, acetabular reconstruction, clubfoot surgery and the management of spinal deformities are offered.

The podiatry service provides comprehensive foot care for patients with vascular disease and diabetes. Foot and nail care is provided in an extremely active clinic staffed by board certified podiatrists. Consultations are available on a same day basis. Services range from preventive diabetic foot care to surgical reconstruction of forefoot deformities. The attending staff also runs an active consult service for in-patients.

Appointments/Consultations (718) 270-2045

Our spine service, with a spine surgeon Board Certified in Orthopaedic Surgery and Spine Surgery, is uniquely qualified to handle the surgical treatment of spinal disorders using the latest microsurgical and minimally invasive techniques. The spine service provides treatment for infections, tumors, traumatic injuries (fractures/dislocations) and degenerative diseases (spinal stenosis, disc disease, herniated discs) of the adult spine. We treat disorders of the cervical and lumbar spine resulting in upper and/or lower extremity radiculopathy, neurogenic myopathies and myelopathic conditions. Our patient population encompasses children as well as adult patients, providing expertise in the treatment of congenital problems, spinal curvatures (scoliosis/kyphosis) and neuromuscular spine deformities.

Appointments/Consultations (718) 270-2045

Coach’s Line (718) 270-2454

The Division of Sports Medicine provides personalized comprehensive medical care to the athletic community. The University Sports Medicine Center goes beyond the treatment of the injured athlete by addressing all the medical needs of the athlete. We offer a close working relationship with our sports medicine staff, physical therapists, and orthopaedic surgeons. We offer complete care to the athlete: from the pre-participation physical exam, to state of the art arthroscopic surgery, to the rehabilitation of injuries. The Division of Sports Medicine is dedicated to keeping the athlete optimally performing in his/her sport by working closely with teams, coaches and parents. We specialize in the care of athletes of all ages and performance levels, from the weekend warrior to the high school scholarship hopeful. We specialize in the treatment of shoulder problems and knee injuries as well as foot & ankle complaints. We provide prompt care with early convenient appointments. Our physicians are available 24 hours for consultations and provide medical staff coverage for athletic events.

The Division of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine offers a wide range of comprehensive inpatient and ambulatory services.

Inpatient Services
University Hospital of Brooklyn has 18 dedicated rehabilitation beds for comprehensive rehabilitation. The types of patients admitted to the comprehensive inpatient unit come from Neurology, Neurosurgery, General Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Renal Diseases, Orthopaedic Surgery and Internal Medicine. We treat patients suffering from cerebral vascular accidents, amputation, cardiac disorders, degenerative diseases, automobile accidents, cardiothoracic surgery, arterial bypass and post-surgical patients. Patients are treated by a team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, case managers, social workers, a psychologist and a speech pathologist as needed. Bedside therapy is provided to those inpatients whose medical/surgical condition prevents them from being transported to the gyms.
Combined with the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, the Division for Rehabilitation Medicine provides a specialized program with trained multidisciplinary staff and specialized equipment designed to meet the needs of pre- and post-operative orthopaedic patients. The Rehabilitation Service also provides a Phase I inpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Program to help support the Cardiovascular Surgery program.

Outpatient/Ambulatory Programs
Our physiatrists and physical therapy staff treat outpatients after strokes, amputations, cardiac disease, degenerative disorders, trauma, and other surgery. In conjunction with our occupational therapists we also provide expertise in the rehabilitation of the injured hand and upper extremity. Other available outpatient services include EMGs, speech therapy, and the treatment of swallowing disorders
We provide specialized outpatient clinics to best meet the patient’s needs. All specialty clinics are staffed by licensed therapists and attending physicians. Clinics include:
— Wheelchair and Seating Assessment
— Brace/Orthotic Devices
— Prosthetic Clinics

FOR REFERRALS CALL 1 888 270-SUNY (7869)