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University Hospital of Brooklyn

Our Mission

SUNY Downstate Medical Center – Brooklyn's Academic Medical Center

  • To provide outstanding education of physicians, scientists, nurses and other healthcare professionals
  • To advance knowledge through cutting edge research and translate it into practice
  • To care for and improve the lives of our globally diverse communities
  • To foster an environment that embraces cultural diversity

Our Vision

We will be nationally recognized for improving people's lives by providing excellent education for healthcare professionals, advancing research in biomedical science, health care and public health, and delivering the highest quality, patient-centered care.

Our Values

PRIDE - To take satisfaction in the work we do every day, and to value our collective contributions to the Downstate community.

Professionalism - We commit to the highest standards of ethical behavior and exemplary performance in education, research, and patient care

Respect - We value the contributions, ideas and opinions of our students, coworkers, colleagues, patients and partnering organizations

Innovation - We research and develop new and creative approaches and services for the anticipated changes in healthcare

Diversity - We embrace our rich diversity and commit to an inclusive and nurturing environment

Excellence - We commit to providing the highest quality of education and service to our students, patients and community by holding ourselves, our coworkers and our leaders to high standards of performance